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Mike Trolle: Insights on Green Building

Mike Trolle of BPC Green Builders has begun a series of columns on Green Building in the “Home” special section of The Home Monthly, part of Hersam-Acorn Newspapers.

Each month, Mike will explore the answers to questions such as “What makes a home green”, and “Is it worth the extra cost?” Check out his past articles with the links below.

November 2015
Why Isn’t Every Home Built Green?

August 2013
The Energy-Efficient Foundation, Part 3

June 2013
The Energy-Efficient Foundation, Part 2

May 2013
The Energy-Efficient Foundation

April 2013
Insulating the Roof of an Energy-Efficient Home

March 2013
Keeping the Heat In

February 2013
The Green House Effect

January 2013
Green veggies versus a green home

December 2012
Mike offers insights on green building