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Low-Impact Luxury

  Low-Impact Luxury GreenBuilder, June 2013 An energy consultant and a HERS Index certifier helped this custom home in New Canaan, Conn., achieve both luxury and efficiency. NATE AND ETTA KANTOR wanted to live in a truly green home. To achieve their goals, the couple wanted to work with a contractor who shared their vision of [...]

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Healthy Homeowners

Healthy Homeowners By Dan Briody Green Home 2012 Annual Issue Etta Kantor still remembers the reaction she got from her builder when she described the type of house she wanted him to build. “He was so excited,” she recalls. “He said ‘Oh, you want to pull out all the stops!'” For most builders, it is [...]

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Scientific Method

Scientific Method By Dan Briody Green Home 2011 Annual Issue MIKE TROLLE KNOWS THINGS ABOUT HOUSES THAT VERY FEW PEOPLE KNOW. He knows how much heat a flat-screen television throws off. He knows how much heat the toilet flushes of a family of four will suck out of the air. He knows the insulating properties [...]

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Old + New: Best Use of Advanced Building Technologies

Old + New: Best Use of Advanced Building Technologies GreenBuilder – The Green Design Guide, December, 2010 The Adirondack-style shingled home, complete with a pond and running stream, holds its own along the estate-studded back roads of New Canaan, Conn. But it is a beauty that’s simply the veneer on a highly engineered and [...]

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Ridgefield Home Gets Top “Green”

Ridgefield Home Gets Top “Green” Press, Ridgefield, CT, July 1, 2010 A Ridgefield home is the first in town and in Fairfield County to be certified at the LEED for Homes Platinum tier by the United States Green Building Council. Mike Taylor and Steve Zemo said they chose to renovate their home using green construction because [...]

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Green Speak

Green Speak By Dan Briody Green Home 2009 Annual Issue BPC Green Builders and the language of building science Mike Trolle is what you might call a greenbuilding geek. And he’s okay with that. “What matters most to me is building science,” says Trolle, founder of BPC Green Builders. “This business is about physics; about [...]

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The Greening of America’s Homes

The Greening of America’s Homes By Jane K. Dove The Home Monthly, October 2006 Is “green building” in the Northeast finally set to move out of the shadows and into the sun? The answer seems to be, yes. Largely overlooked in our part of the country, green building – a term coined to describe an energy-efficient, [...]

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Roxbury Health House Gentle on the Lungs, Kind to the Environment

Roxbury Health House Gentle on the Lungs, Kind to the Environment By Christine Shugrue Sierra Club Quinnehtukqut, Summer 2000 Reprinted with the permission of the Sierra Club Quinnehtukqut, Summer 2000 When it comes to improving our health we will consider changing our diet, exercising more, taking vitamins and slowing down a hectic schedule. Few of us, [...]

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