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Greenwich Connecticut’s Custom Home Builder of Choice
for Better Built Homes is BPC Green Builders

Building Beautiful Award-Winning Custom Homes and Home Renovations

BPC homes are guaranteed to be more comfortable, healthier and have
lower energy, operating and ownership costs than ordinary homes.

Kitchen in Leed Platinum Certified Home in CT by BPC

Kitchen in a LEED for Homes Platinum Certified custom home built by BPC Green Builders in Connecticut

Discerning Greenwich Connecticut homeowners give high ratings to BPC Green Builders.

BPC is a leader in building high performance, energy efficient, green custom homes and home renovations since 1998.  BPC uses building science, sustainable building, green building, healthy home and other strategies to create beautiful homes that deliver everything conventional homes do and more.

BPC Homes are Better Homes

Most importantly, BPC custom homes are simply great homes no matter what standards of excellence you use. They are designed around the needs,  desires and preferences of our clients. They are well built, comfortable and healthier to live in. They have exceptional indoor air quality. Temperature and humidity are incredibly consistent from room to room. They are no compromise homes.

BPC Offers Greenwich Homeowners Their Choice of Home Design Approaches

BPC is happy to offer our clients a choice of home design approach options. We can provide complete design build custom home and home renovation services. And unlike design build only builders, we also are happy to work with clients who wish to use their own architects. BPC works exceptionally well with architects.  BPC can work with architects who have or don’t have green home design expertise.

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BPC Custom Homes and Renovations are Guaranteed to Perform

BPC homes save you money on energy and also other aspects of home ownership.  Even just on energy alone savings are significant. BPC built custom and renovated homes are guaranteed to surpass by at least 20%, EPA ENERGY STAR standards. BPC Green Builders also builds homes that are third party certified for meeting DOE Zero Energy Ready Home, Passive House PHIUS (Passivhaus) which use only 10% of a conventional home’s energy, and LEED for Homes certification requirements. Homes we build and renovate significantly reduce the energy you need to buy, offering tremendous energy savings.  Savings of 50%-70% are not uncommon.  We can even build homes that are Net Zero homes, meaning you can reduce your net energy costs to zero.

BPC Custom Homes and Renovations meet or exceed requirements for one or more of these green building standards: EPA Energy Star, DOE Net Zero Energy Ready, Passive House PHIUS, and LEED for Homes Certification and….

…With BPC Custom Homes You Never Give Up Comfort, Performance
or Features to Save Energy Costs

Since BPC Green Builders is one of very few green custom home builders to achieve LEED Platinum level certification for the homes we build, our expertise takes the guesswork out of how to create a green home that is beautiful, healthy, comfortable and highly energy efficient and sustainable.

BPC’s Special Approach to Home Renovation

BPC green home renovations start with our exhaustive and detailed Home Energy Assessment. We do more than just identify leaks, safety issues, health concerns and performance issues. Our expertise in green home renovation lets us transform home energy assessments into energy efficient home renovations that not only look beautiful, but live beautifully – and sustainably – as well.

“To this day, the plumber who I used still can’t believe that we are only using 3 tons of cooling/air conditioning to keep this house cool in the summer.

It was the recommendations and expertise of BPC that will have the extra we paid [for retrofits] paid off in 5 years versus having high heating and cooling bills forever.”


Fred and Renee
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