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Westport Home Renovation and Green Custom Homes by BPC Green Builders

Sustainable Building — Third Party Certified LEED, Energy Star and Passive House Custom Homes and Home Renovations


BPC Green Builders specializes in constructing new green custom homes as well as using our own exacting  Home Energy Audit and Assessment process to give existing Westport homes the comfort, indoor air quality, and performance of ENERGY STAR (or even higher-performing) homes. BPC can work with your architect or use our own award-winning design/build approach. Either way, Westport homeowners enjoy a smart, collaborative and sustainable building experience – and a green custom home that looks and functions beautifully.

“Mike Trolle of BPC Green Builders knows everything there is to know about air quality, energy savings, and the materials. We renovated our house with BPC because we wanted a healthier house as well as an environmentally friendly one. We got a real bonus with increased comfort.”

Tom and Stacy, Westport, Connecticut
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Is “sustainable building” right for Westport homes?

Yes! Learn why in BPC Green Builders’ What Is Green Building?

What do green custom homes look like?

BPC can build high performance into contemporary or traditional designs. View our Photo Gallery.

Your Westport Home’s Performance and Comfort: Guaranteed

Will green and sustainable building techniques and materials make a difference to your Westport home? Yes! In fact, BPC Green Builders guarantees it.  Clients receive an extraordinary warranty on energy usage, comfort, air quality and other green custom home building performance measures.  Learn more

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