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Wilton Homeowners Choose BPC Green Builders for Renovation and New Custom Homes

Wilton’s Premier LEED, Energy Star, Net Zero and Passive House Certified Green Builder

Since 1998, BPC Green Builders has been a leader using sustainable building practices to construct exceptionally high performance, energy-efficient custom green homes that are as healthy for Wilton-area homeowners as they are for the planet. Third party certified, BPC-built homes are guaranteed to surpass ENERGY STAR standards by at least 20%. BPC Green Builders also builds homes third party certified to meet LEED, Zero Energy Ready Home and Passive House (Passivhaus) requirements. Passive House techniques, for example, reduce household energy use to just 10% of what ordinary homes consume. This means you can save 90% on your energy bills.


Love your existing house? BPC Home Energy Assessment points the way to a BPC Green Home Renovation

When it comes to experience and credentials, BPC is a leader among green builders serving the Wilton area. Plus, because BPC offers design/build green renovation as well as new custom home building services, you get more than just a technical home energy audit: you get a gorgeously green renovation that improves your home and the way it looks, feels and “lives.” In terms of water and energy savings, year-round comfort, and healthy air quality, your existing Wilton home can achieve the standards of a brand new ENERGY STAR green home or higher.

“The house is beautiful and extremely comfortable. It is almost 40% glass, and has about 5000+sf of conditioned space, but our heating costs are a touch over 1K per year. Mike is an extremely capable builder who is also 10x better than any of the consultants on building a green house we talked to prior to choosing him.

Jason and Marisa
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Contemporary or Traditional?  YES!

Take a look at the wide range of styles in the renovations and new custom green homes BPC has built in the Wilton area. View Our Photo Gallery.

Satisfaction with Your Wilton Home Performance is Guaranteed

Will BPC’s expertise and years of experience with sustainable building and green custom home renovations and new construction make a difference to you? Yes! In fact, BPC Green Builders guarantees it.  You’ll receive a warranty that’s likely to be far beyond what any other green builder in the Wilton area offers.  In fact, BPC’s warranty not only covers energy usage, comfort, and air quality; it guarantees your new home will surpass ENERGY STAR standards by at least 20%.  Learn more

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