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In New Haven County Connecticut

Extraordinary Custom Homes & Home Renovations
From BPC Green Builders

BPC Green Builders Inc. builds custom homes and renovates existing homes that deliver homeowners benefits typical homes can’t.

New Haven County residents love the custom homes BPC builds and renovates for the all the same reasons people desire well designed and constructed conventionally built homes. But BPC homes are better for their owners and the environment than typical homes. Why? Because BPC homes are built using green building home design and construction approaches. They are built to be sustainable. BPC uses advanced building science strategies, technology, engineering and building materials. In this way, BPC creates beautiful homes that also can meet or exceed EPA Energy Star, DOE Zero Energy Ready, Sustainability, Net Zero Home, PHIUS Passive House, LEED certification for homes as well as other green building principles and certification standards.

Plus, BPC’s custom homes and home renovations are also more comfortable, healthier, require less maintenance costs as well as have lower energy and ownership costs. BPC homes are homes people enjoy living in while also being environmentally responsible.

If you are planning on building a custom home or renovating an existing one in New Haven you should seriously consider the many special benefits a BPC custom home or home renovation offers. Explore our website. Learn all about the benefits of owning a home built by BPC. Then contact us.

Compare Green Home to Conventional Home Benefits

BPC Creates Custom Homes & Renovates Existing Homes That Are…

Beautifully Designed and Built to Support Your Lifestyle

Award-Winning Custom Homes That Are Healthier and More Comfortable

High Performance, Energy Efficient Custom Homes With Low Ownership Costs

Green Homes That Are Cost Comparable to Ordinary Homes to Build

Homes That Are Good Investments Financially and Environmentally Friendly

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BPC Builds the Kinds of Custom Homes People Love Living in

  • Beautiful Custom Homes and Whole Home Renovations
  • Custom and Renovated Homes That Lower Home Ownership Costs
  • Homes Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle and Values
  • Homes That Look as Good or Better Than Best Traditional Homes Being Built Today
  • Homes That are Kind to the Environment and Reflect the Owner’s Sense of Environmental Responsibility
  • Green Homes That Deliver Extraordinary Benefits
  • Sustainable Homes That Protect and Preserve Endangered Resources
  • High Performance Homes That are Better in Every Way
  • Highly Energy Efficient Homes That Save Money, Save Resources and are Cleaner
  • Homes Built for Today and Ready for Tomorrow

BPC Offers Green Building Services Typical Builders Can’t

  • Green Custom Home Design or Teaming with Your Architect
  • Green Custom Home Construction
  • Green Building Consultation and Engineering
  • Green Whole House Remodeling and Renovation
  • Major Home Energy Retrofits and Upgrades
  • EPA ENERGY STAR Certified
  • DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes
  • LEED for Homes Certified
  • LEED Silver for Homes Certified
  • LEED Gold for Homes Certified
  • LEED Platinum for Homes Certified
  • Passive House Homes
  • Net Zero Homes
  • Healthy Homes

BPC Green Builders Offers Services to These New Haven County Towns in Connecticut

  • Ansonia
  • Beacon Falls
  • Bethany
  • Branford
  • Derby
  • Hamden
  • Middlebury
  • Milford
  • New Haven
  • Orange
  • Oxford
  • Seymour
  • Southbury
  • Waterbury
  • West Haven
  • Woodbridge

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