One of purposes of a Home Energy Audit is to find and fix things that are running up your energy bill. Inside the home, energy culprits include your lighting – but it’s not just the light bulbs themselves that can lead to unnecessary energy costs.

Our home energy auditors can always suggest switching from incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent or LED lamps to improve energy efficiency and cut costs. They also check to see if the recessed fixture itself is letting unconditioned air seep into your living spaces.

If recessed lights are not properly installed, the air you’re paying to heat or cool can go to waste by disappearing into the spaces between floors. Likewise, air from the attic can flow into your rooms, raising the cost to heat or cool them. This is a common situation in many a home. Energy audits can detect this unwanted air flow during a blower-door test. During the test, air is pulled through the house so our home energy auditor can spot where leaks are occurring.

Energy leakage is just part of the problem. The even bigger problem is that improperly sealed recessed lights can actually damage your home. Energy audits often uncover situations where moisture-laden warm air has leaked through recessed lights, come into contact with cold attics or between-floor cavities and created an ideal situation for condensation and mold.  In wintertime, our home energy auditors have even found cases where warm air escaping through recessed lights has actually warmed the roof sheathing to the point that destructive ice damming occurs, causing considerable damage.

This is an excellent example of how home energy auditors find more than ways to save you energy costs: they also help save you from problems that can affect your health and the integrity of your home.  Learn more about our Home Energy Audit services.