10 Reasons To Build Green

//10 Reasons To Build Green
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10 Great Reasons To Build a Green Home from BPC Green Builders

There are many benefits and reasons why you should seriously consider building a green home or renovating your existing home to be a green home with BPC Green Builders. Here are just some of them.

1) Much lower to NO net-costs for energy now and in the future

2) Lower maintenance and system replacement costs

3) Lower lifetime cost of home ownership

4) A more comfortable, draft free home

5) Consistent temperature and humidity consistent room to room

6) Exceptionally high Indoor Air Quality (better than outside and just as fresh)

7) A home that is healthier to live in

8) Higher, faster ROI financially and otherwise

9) Better home resale appeal (and likely value) in future

10) Will help the environment now and going forward

Bonus Reasons:

 11) Demonstrates you care about the world your kids and grand kids will inherit

 12) It makes you feel good when you do the right thing


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