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Benefits of High Performance Homes
from BPC Green Builders

A Pioneer of High Performance Home Building in Connecticut and New York

 What is a High Performance Home?

You can think of a high performance home as you think of a fine, high performance automobile. But one that does not require you to choose between performance and fuel economy. A high performance automobile is not only beautiful, it has better acceleration, better handling, is more comfortable to drive and has a higher top speed than other autos. Imagine if it could also give you exceptional fuel economy and use fuel that is all or mostly from clean renewable energy sources. That’s really high performance!

For a home to be considered a high performance home it must meet or exceed certain criteria and standards. The home’s performance must exceed that of conventional homes by no less than a specified amount. A high performance home is built using building science methods that deliver most all of the energy efficiency, indoor air quality and health benefits BPC’s Green Home and Home Renovations provide. As with Green Building standards, high performance homes can be designed and built to achieve specific benefits and their performance in many areas can be measured.

BPC High Performance Home Benefits Include:

  • The same benefits a conventional home delivers PLUS
  • Lower to no net energy costs
  • Higher indoor air quality
  • Healthier indoor environment
  • Designed to last longer and require less maintenance
  • Lower cost of home ownership

High Performance Homes Deliver These Benefits in Ways Such As:

  • Positioning a home on a lot for improved energy efficiency
  • Using a more energy efficient home design
  • Using highly energy efficient systems such as HVAC, hot water, etc.
  • Properly sizing high performance systems that work more efficiently and last longer
  • Selecting building materials that are more durable and require less maintenance
  • Building using more energy efficient construction methods and materials
  • Tight control of air in and out of the home’s interior
  • Proper ventilation, temperature and humidity control
  • Greater use of natural light
  • Longer lasting and more durable building materials

Are the Benefits of a High Performance and Green Home the Same?

Almost. What is missing from the strict definition of a high performance home that is not also a green home tends to be the green building methods that use sustainable and environmentally friendly building materials.

But you need not worry nor have to choose one or the other, at BPC Green Builders we build homes that are both High Performance and Green Homes. Delivering to you the benefits of both.