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Award-Winning Green Custom Home Builder and Green Home Renovation Contractor

Building Amazing Custom Homes and Home Renovations in Western Connecticut and Westchester, New York

First and foremost, BPC creates beautiful new and renovated homes that provide great living environments for our clients.  And BPC Green Builders helps homeowners in Connecticut and New York also enjoy the many benefits that only owning and living in green homes offer.


We are fully focused on building green custom homes and providing green home renovation for whole house remodels.  We build wonderful homes that are equal to or better than conventionally built homes by every traditional measure. Plus our homes offer high performance qualities that conventionally built homes simply cannot match.

Traditional Craftsmanship Plus Advanced Residential Building Science and Green Building

Our projects incorporate traditional craftsmanship integrated with the latest advances in residential building science and green building strategies. BPC homes are energy efficient, environmentally responsible, healthy, comfortable, and durable.

What’s more, we can work with any homeowner’s set of priorities to build or renovate in a green way at a price that meets their budget. It is simply not true that green equals expensive. Green building can be more expensive, as can any type of home, but it does not have to be. BPC can show you how you can have a dream home that is also green.  With BPC it’s easy to be green.

We Can Help You With:

  • Understanding and selecting the right green approach for you – Helping our clients learn and understand the “many shades of green building” or green building approaches and standards and what they each offer is part of what we do. We also help our clients match what they want to achieve by building green with the right approaches.
  • Home evaluations for existing homes – We will come to your home to discuss the potential for the house to be renovated in a way that meets your goals for efficiency, sustainability, air quality, durability, and cost. This is a complimentary service offered by BPC.
  • Site selection and assessment for a new home – We will visit potential building sites to help assess how well each matches up to your goals, and to provide guidance regarding site work considerations.
  • Pre-Design – We meet with the client and architect to determine the basic program elements and performance goals for the home. We then provide detailed recommendations for the thermal envelope and mechanical system based upon our expertise in building science. This is an essential step in the planning process for a high performance home.
  • Home Architectural design or design support – Whether BPC is providing architectural design services or working with an architect hired separately by our client, we can work with both throughout the design process providing the green building and building science expertise needed.
  • Material, systems and product selections – Prior to design, during design and after the home’s general design has been created, we help our clients select from among the many options for building materials, products and home systems that meet our clients’ goals for efficiency, sustainability, air quality, durability, and cost. Contrary to the general perception, there are many options that cost no more than conventional ones and also many that may cost more up front but provide savings over time that more than offset the initial investment.
  • Preliminary budget guidance and final budgeting – As the project’s plans start taking shape and as materials, systems and product selections are made, we can provide budgets at first and then detailed cost estimates as the project’s plans and selections are completed. When needed, if the final costs exceed our client’s budget, we can also help identify the more cost effective changes to the plans or selections to meet budget goals.
  • Project and construction planning – For a project to run smoothly, stay on budget and be ready on time, a project’s construction must be carefully planned and the team members selected and properly briefed.
  • Subcontractor selection and/or recommendations – As we said, it takes a team to build green. So as part of the construction planning process we select or recommend to our clients the best and most qualified subcontractors to be part of their project’s team. We work with a small group of highly qualified subcontractors who are experienced with our construction strategies and whose quality is exceptional. The long-term relationships we have built with these companies ensure high quality work, fair pricing, and favorable scheduling.
  • Municipal permits and approvals – We secure building and health permits, as required.
  • Construction and construction management – We  manage, schedule, and supervise all aspects of your home’s construction or renovation including subcontractor labor, order all materials, schedule all deliveries, and perform all project accounting.
  • Building inspections – We schedule all inspections and ensure compliance, leading to a final certificate of occupancy.
  • Warranty repairs – We inspect each home to ensure satisfaction and to perform standard warranty repairs. We also cover performance-related repairs under the terms of our unique extended warranty.
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