BPC’s Limited Home Warranty Goes Beyond What is Legally Required*

BPC’s Exclusive Limited Home Warranty Also Includes Our Unique New Home Performance Warranty

Please read note below about performance warranty for existing home green retrofits and renovations.
BPC Green Builders Guarantee

  • COMFORT – BPC guarantees that the temperature in your home can be maintained within 3 degrees of 72 degrees year-round in every room in the house.
  • ENERGY USE – BPC guarantees that the annual energy usage of your home will not exceed the total usage we calculate prior to the construction of your home, which always amounts to substantial savings over a typical home.
  • VENTILATION – BPC guarantees that the ventilation system of your new home is able to provide a complete change of air every four hours year round.
  • RADON MITIGATION– BPC guarantees the sub-slab depressurization system installed in your new home to be capable of reducing the level of radon to below the threshold for concern, which is 4 pCi/L.
  • MOISTURE – BPC guarantees that the foundation, exterior walls, and ceiling of your new home will not experience moisture-related problems, such as condensation inside the walls, premature paint failure, and dangerous microbial growths.
  • Energy Star logo ENERGY STAR® – BPC guarantees that your new home will qualify as a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR home. (We also build to even higher green building standards if you desire.)
  • Indoor airPLUS logo INDOOR AIRPLUS – BPC guarantees that your new home will meet or exceed the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Indoor airPLUS indoor air quality standards.
  • ZERO ENERGY READY HOME – BPC guarantees that your new home will qualify as a US Department of Energy (DOE) Zero Energy Ready Home. (We also build to even higher green building standards if you desire.)

*The above represents an overview of the warranty. Please contact BPC for a copy of the warranty that includes all relevant details and limitations.

Important Note: The above applies exclusively to new homes built by BPC Green Builders (BPC).  The availability of this guarantee for an existing home is dependent on existing conditions and the scope of the work to be completed.  For an existing home, BPC will determine what performance items will be guaranteed on a case-by-case basis with any limitations noted in the actual management contract.

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“We were surprised and delighted to find in Mike Trolle, of BPC Green Builders, a local builder who not only gave us the kind of house we wanted, but helped us figure out what that was in the first place. His ideas about what a house needs — and doesn’t need — were invaluable. He even helped us find an architect whose ideas were in sync with ours.”
Tom and Stacy, Westport, Connecticut
“We found your expertise in building science to be of great help in planning the project and in the selection of appropriate equipment and materials. BPC’s management of the subcontractors and communication with us always met our expectations. Moreover, BPC was conscientious and ethical in all aspects of the work. We would be pleased to recommend BPC without reservation.”
Christine and Monte, Bethany, Connecticut
“As architects, it has also been a sincere pleasure to work for Mike. He is an extraordinary client who has been able to utilize our skills and experience. The working relationship that we have developed is based upon trust and confidence, and has been tested by the realities and trials of construction.”
Thomas RC Hartman, AIA, Coldham Architects LLC
“BPC is in the forefront of this commitment. Our company has benefited from our professional and personal interaction with Mike and Chris Trolle. From client introduction to final walk through, the drive for total customer satisfaction is clear.”
Dean Demague, High Performance Energy Solutions