BPC Homes
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Energy-efficient, sustainable, healthy, and more comfortable.

BPC Homes
Deliver More

Energy-efficient, sustainable, healthy, and more comfortable.

Building Better Homes Since 1998

Our homes meet a variety
of rigorous green building

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Our homes are certified
green—no ‘green washing’

Green Washing

We were among the first builders
to commit to green home
building in our area

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BPC Green Homes deliver benefits that only well-designed, properly-engineered and quality-built green homes can provide. Sustainably built and designed for comfort, they provide a healthy living environment for you and your family while being more energy efficient than today’s best and most expensive conventionally built houses.

Simply put, BPC builds better homes.

Award-Winning Green Home Building Services

Our green home services fall into two main categories: custom new green homes built from the ground up and custom green retrofit home renovations to existing homes.

In both instances, the final product is a certified green home. Every BPC home built today—and most renovations*—meets or exceeds at least three green home certification standards: ENERGY STAR for New Homes, Indoor airPLUS, and Zero Energy Ready Home. All of our homes can also be certified under leading green building standards including:

Additionally, BPC Green Homes often achieve Net Zero Energy Home status, while some attain Positive Energy Home status.

*Some home renovations might not meet all certification requirements but would still perform nearly as well as our new homes.

The Benefits of Living in a BPC Green Home

Healthy & Comfortable

BPC homeowners enjoy comfortable living as soon as they move in. BPC-built homes are virtually draft-free. Temperature and humidity are consistent and zone-controlled. Stale air is constantly removed and replaced by fresh, clean, filtered air which makes breathing easier, especially for those with airborne allergy or respiratory issues.

Sustainable & Better for the Environment

The objectives of sustainable building include using as many carbon-smart building materials as possible and to build homes that use clean fuel that does not create greenhouse gasses. The design, construction, energy use, materials, and systems of BPC homes help protect the environment and make the home and life more sustainable.

Lower Cost of Ownership

With the costs of energy today for a conventional home and the direction energy costs typically go over time, the savings that BPC green homes can offer add up to significant dollars monthly, yearly, and over the time you live in your home.


BPC Works with


BPC Green Builders works hand in hand with homeowners and their architects to create beautiful, high-performance, sustainable green homes.


BPC Works with


If you are an architect with a client interested in building a green custom home, BPC Green Builders is a uniquely qualified award-winning builder.


See Examples of BPC Green Homes

Visit our Photo Gallery for an extensive look at many of the high-quality green homes we have built.

2WR – Waterfront Contemporary

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Greenwich Hillside Contemporary

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See the areas we serve in Connecticut and New York

What Is Green Building?

Green building uses sustainable building practices to create homes that are highly energy efficient, healthy and comfortable to live in, and better for the environment.

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What is ‘Green Washing’?

Just because something is called “green” doesn’t mean that it actually is. Learn more about how to differentiate between certified green building and clever sales pitches.

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Why Use BPC Green Builders?

We are an award-winning team of green building experts with a long history of building third party certified green homes in our area and have achieved national recognition for our work.

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