Health/Comfort Benefits

Every BPC Green Home is comfortable to live in and healthy for its occupants. We bring this and other expertise to our green building construction services. Whether you’re building a new home from the ground up or renovating your existing home, the work BPC does results in numerous comfort and health benefits.

Why Are Green Homes Healthy and Comfortable?

Certified green homes are built or renovated to have features that use less energy and minimize energy waste. In addition to costing less to operate and being better for the environment, many of these features also create a better home to live in:

  1. High levels of insulation and air sealing keep indoor temperatures stable and minimize unwanted heat loss or heat gain. They also keep your home exceptionally quiet.
  2. Advanced air sealing that makes your home virtually airtight not only helps reduce energy waste—it also prevents indoor drafts and keeps outdoor air pollutants from entering your home.
  3. Energy efficient mechanical ventilation and indoor air quality systems actively work to make the air in your home fresher and cleaner.

How BPC Builds Healthier and More Comfortable Homes

  • We ventilate the entire home with fresh air using highly efficient energy recovery ventilators (often called by their acronym “ERV”), to bring in a carefully calculated amount of fresh air to ensure there is no build-up of CO2, VOCs, or other pollutants.
  • We filter incoming fresh air and existing indoor air using advanced filtration equipment to capture both allergens and sub-micron particles that must be removed to produce exceptionally high indoor air quality that meets any third party standard.
  • We control humidity with stand-alone humidification and dehumidification equipment for both occupant comfort and respiration. Avoiding dry winter air enhances the ability of the respiratory system to combat air-borne viruses.
  • Controlling humidity and moisture also helps prevent mold and mildew problems in the walls as well as in the home’s interior. We also vent excess moisture from rooms like bathrooms and laundry rooms in ways that don’t cause improper air infiltration into the home like conventional systems do.
  • BPC homes are virtually draft-free and without hot and cold spots because we build the thermal envelopes to be virtually airtight and super-insulated. The envelope features superior insulation from the basement to the attic along with triple-glazed windows. This assures that all parts of your home’s conditioned space are at an even, comfortable temperature (by zone, if your home is zoned).
  • We avoid building materials that give off toxic or noxious fumes, sometimes called off-gassing. We avoid materials that are made with toxic substances that pose health hazards for most people.
  • We make sure to test for, and if necessary mitigate, any radon or other hazardous conditions specific to the building site. For people with severe reactions to one or many products that most people do not experience, such as people with multiple chemical sensitivities, we can build a home that avoids using materials they are sensitive to, in many cases.

BPC Green Homes—Held to the Highest Standards 

We build to a variety of sustainable and green home certifications and standards, but even our minimum standards result in a home that performs well above the average traditional house. Every BPC home includes a comprehensive package of measures to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) so it meets or exceeds the EPA “Indoor airPLUS” certification standards. BPC Green Builders is also proud to have built the first and only American Lung Association Health House in Connecticut.

But most importantly, we offer custom solutions for everyone. Different people have different health issues, and we can build homes that are healthier and safer for people with specific or unusual health or safety concerns. Just let us know what your concerns are and BPC will build the best green home for your needs.

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