Green Homes: A Way to Fight Climate Change

We’re Close to the Tipping Point A recent article in Fine Homebuilding magazine that discusses climate change and home building starts with this challenge to the building industry: "Faced with consequences equivalent to a giant asteroid set to hit the earth in 10 to 50 years, we designers and builders owe it to the [...]

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Passive House as a Route to Net Zero and Healthy Building

Case Study of a Stamford HomeBy Albert Jensen-Moulton, BPC Green Builderswith Larry Marner, Marner Architecture  BPC has built several houses for clients who also happened to be architects. One of these clients, Larry Marner, recently had an opportunity to design a new home for his family. Above all, he wanted the house to reflect his [...]

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Passive House Design Way to Stay Cool

Fast Company Article Suggests Passive House Design as Way to Stay Cool with Increasingly Extreme Heat Fast Company magazine’s July 8, 2021 article “How an ancient design technique could help us survive extreme heat, no AC needed” says that Passive House design is one way to help homeowners and others stay cool in [...]

Homes that Live Healthy

More and more people now understand that indoor air quality is important for the health of those that live in the home. US Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home certification standards results in homes that live healthy.  Learn how every Zero Energy Ready certified home integrates 100% of leading expert recommendations for protecting [...]

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Homes That Live Better

Learn why homes live better when they meet the federal government’s most rigorous guidelines for home performance, the US Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home certification standard. A standard that delivers a superior living experience. Soon after the Zero Energy Ready Home certification program was started [...]

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Building Matters: Why we need building sensors

Reprinted with permission © 2021, The Taunton Press, Inc. Why we need building sensors The rapidly evolving field of sensor technology allows us to monitor building performance and create healthier indoor environments. Photo: courtesy of author [Ben Bogie] Wood moisture meter. The OmniSense S-2 Wireless Sensor monitors temperature, humidity, and wood moisture [...]

What Does a Green Home Look Like?

Your new green home can look virtually any way you wish. This is because today’s green home building technology, materials, and approaches offer design flexibility not available to green homes built 20 years ago. With the exception, perhaps of you seeing a new home with solar panels, it takes a well-trained eye to tell [...]

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Modern Breed

Modern Breed Ridgefield Magazine, November/December 2015 This article is about a home BPC Green Builders built in Ridgefield, Connecticut begins: ““A HOUSE IS NOT JUST WHAT YOU WANT BUT WHAT THE SITE WANTS,” says architect Vincent Colangelo. That’s particularly true for the modern house he designed off Branchville Road. Finished in 2010, this stunning contemporary [...]

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Healthier Indoor Air, Making Every Breath Fresh and Filtered

By Cheryl Crabb The Hartford Courant, August 11, 2002 After months of renovation, Stacy Prince expects to breathe a lot easier once she and her family move back into their Westport home later this month. From the outside, the Prince's saltbox colonial will blend in easily with other houses on their street. One key [...]

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BPC Home Featured on Fine Home Building Website

The Taft School Faculty Home built by BPC Green Builders in 2014 was recently the subject of a detailed article on Fine Home Building's website written by Kiley Jacques. The article starts off: Four years after its completion, the internationally recognized Taft House remains a leading-edge example of building science success. The team designing and [...]

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Passive Housing Trend Gaining Momentum in Fairfield County

Passive Housing Trend Gaining Momentum in Fairfield County The article below is about a BPC Green Builders Net Zero Energy home built in Ridgefield, Connecticut. The article's title suggests this home is a Passive House but it is not a certified Passive House. The home does use some Passive House design and construction approaches [...]

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Ridgefield “Net-Zero” House Powered Fully by the Sun

Ridgefield “Net-Zero” House Powered Fully by the Sun NewsTimes, Feburary 23, 2017 This article about a sustainable Net0-Zero Energy home built by BPC Green Builders and designed by Trillium Architects starts: "After nearly a year in their new home, the Ranades haven’t had to pay a nickel for the energy needed to run it. [...]

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