How Green Retrofits Increase Home Value and Energy Efficiency

(Downloadable PDF) Retrofitting a home to meet green certification standards is better for the environment than tearing down your old home to build a new one, and it delivers all of the same comfort and economic benefits. Plus, deep green retrofitted homes are more valuable if you decide to sell. Here are some factors that [...]

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Why Green Homes Are Better for the Environment

Environmental problems are creating extreme weather conditions across the planet—even right in our backyard—highlighting the consequences of climate change, pollution, and loss of biodiversity on our planet. Part of the solution is to embrace sustainable living. Living in an eco-friendly home means you are taking action to be more environmentally friendly. Along with their many [...]

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Explaining Green Retrofits for Existing Homes

As an award-winning green home contractor, BPC Green Builders has made a name for itself by building some of the finest high-performance homes in western Connecticut and parts of New York State. But while we take enormous pride in our new construction work, it’s not all we do. With our deep green retrofitting services, we [...]

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5 Components to Consider When Building a Green New Home

(Downloadable PDF) There are many different factors that go into new home construction, especially when you’re building a green home. At BPC Green Builders, our award-winning team works with our clients to produce high-quality, long-lasting custom green new homes. Here are some of the considerations we make. Solar Solar panels can generate up to 100% [...]

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Comfort Benefits of a BPC Green Home

  What makes sustainable homes built by BPC Green Builders better? Our new green houses cost less to heat and cool.  With fresh-air ventilation, they create a cleaner and healthier indoors for your family. Our airtight and sustainably constructed homes are comfortable and quiet to live in, year-round. BPC builds some of the most energy-efficient [...]

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Why Air Sealing Your Green New Home Is So Important

As a national leader in residential green building, BPC Green Builders incorporates the latest advancements in energy efficiency and sustainable home construction into all of our projects. A key element of our process is advanced air sealing that creates a virtually airtight building envelope—an essential component of a high quality custom green home. Whether you're [...]

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What Does a Healthy Home Look Like?

(Downloadable PDF) An energy-efficient home is a healthy home! If you want to make your house efficient and healthy, make sure it has these features.  Green Building Materials Using green building practices and materials keeps toxic building materials out of your home and prevents off-gassing.  Insulation  Well-insulated homes maintain a safe and comfortable temperature throughout, [...]

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Are Eco-Friendly Homes More Expensive?

Building a custom new home is a significant cost for anyone, but many people considering building a new house are under the impression that green or eco-friendly homes aren’t affordable. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception, in part because many people fail to look at the bigger picture of ongoing home ownership costs. Today we’re [...]

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What Does Being a Worker-Owned Cooperative Mean for BPC Green Builders?

One of the best pieces of news we can share for the beginning of 2023 is that as of January 1, BPC Green Builders is officially a worker-owned cooperative. Our founders, Mike and Chris Trolle, have been working with the entire BPC team toward this change for some time. We’re incredibly proud of the steps [...]

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What Does Working with BPC Green Builders Look Like?

Building a new green home is a significant undertaking, and the success of the project and how happy you are with your new environmentally-friendly home largely depends on the builder and architect you choose. With the right team in place, the end result will be a home that is truly ​​beautiful, healthy, energy-efficient, and durable. [...]

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What Is the HERS Rating System and Why Is It Important?

If you’re considering building a custom green home, then you’re already thinking about sustainability and living in a house that’s better for the environment. You may have even heard reference to HERS ratings and why it’s useful to have your new high-performance home rated.   But what is the HERS rating system and what do [...]

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