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free ebook cover about energy efficient home in NY BPC clients Karen and Cyril Cabral were so enthusiastic about their new Net Zero Energy Home by BPC that they wrote an e-book to share their experience and what they learned about high-performance energy-efficient homes during the process. 

Most BPC clients find building their green home a learning experience. But the Cabrals actually did a lot of additional research before starting their home and afterward to write their e-book. Cyril is an engineer and was fascinated with the systems and construction methods of their new home. But he and his wife Karen, wrote the e-book in a way that you don’t have to be an engineer to understand the principals and examples of systems, how they work, save you money and provide a wide range of benefits.

For example, when talking about how most homes allow a good deal of air infiltration into a home, meaning your home is both draftier and less energy efficient, whereas their home is virtually airtight, they compared it to not wearing a glove outside in the winter vs having a glove with a tiny hole in one finger.

And since most people, even people dedicated to building an environmentally responsible home, are concerned with costs and cost savings, the e-book dives into comparing the operating energy costs of living in an older home, a new home and a Net Zero Energy home like theirs.

Download the book even if you already have an energy-efficient home and learn more about what makes it so comfortable, saves you money, and all the other benefits these homes provide. 

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