As a custom green builder, I know for a fact that the savings of living in a green custom home can be considerable.  Just how considerable was pointed out in an article I recently read that explored the connection between green houses and mortgages.

The article was based on a new study of 71,000 home loans nationwide made between 2002 and 2012. The research showed mortgages on homes with Energy Star certifications (like the green custom houses we build) were 32% less likely to default than those on homes with no energy improvements. The researchers controlled for house size, income levels, credit scores and other factors.

I’ve been doing custom green building for some time now, so these findings don’t surprise me. It’s just common sense that if you’re saving money on your utility bills you simply have more money you can put toward your mortgage than neighbors whose homes cost more to run.

The article even goes on to say that since living in a green, energy efficient home lowers the risk that borrowers will default on a mortgage means they should enjoy a lower rate from lenders. I think that makes perfect sense, but it’s probably not going to fly any time soon.  In the meantime, I think we can be happy with this new proof about the ongoing savings – and peace of mind – of living in a green custom home.  Also, remember that a green custom house can be built in the size, style, and budget that are right for you.  To see examples of Energy Star green custom homes we’ve built, visit our photo gallery.

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