Climate Change Challenges are also Opportunities.

Former Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley believes we can use climate change as an opportunity to move towards the goal of our nation and economy being fueled by 100% clean renewable energy. And he believes we already have the technology and expertise to achieve this goal.

It’s already cheaper to build and maintain wind and solar electrical generation facilities compared to building or maintaining existing coal and nuclear power plants. Plus moving to 100% clean renewable energy will provide people and businesses cheaper and cleaner energy.

Other benefits include:

  • Mitigating climate change
  • Generating more good paying jobs than keeping with oil, gas, coal and nuclear-powered energy generation and fossil fuel extraction combined.
  • Eliminating the costs of the environmental damage caused by extracting and using fossil fuel and storing nuclear waste.
  • Protecting the environment in ways beyond only climate change.
  • Helping make the US more energy independent.
  • Reducing the number of pollution and climate change illnesses and deaths.

Governor O’Malley believes that the future we should strive for is one that includes greater security, health, opportunity, and well-being.  Moving to such a future is not going to happen on its own. O’Malley says  “But together we must choose…” and that “Responsibility is the greatest privilege of freedom.”

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