BPC Green Home in Connecticut

Green Speak

By Dan Briody
Green Home 2009 Annual Issue

BPC Green Builders and the language of building science

Mike Trolle is what you might call a greenbuilding geek. And he’s okay with that.

“What matters most to me is building science,” says Trolle, founder of BPC Green Builders. “This business is about physics; about the relationships between air, heat, and moisture. You may not need a Ph.D. to build a house, but there is a science to it.”

For the last ten years, Trolle, a former teacher, has been on a quest to master that science, and construct homes that are comfortable, healthy, safe, and fantastically energy efficient. He has built homes with geothermal heat; homes that harvest rainwater; homes with solar systems; and homes that were certified by the American Lung Association. He is fluent in the language of building science, unafraid to pepper casual conversation with references to pascals (a unit of force), U- and R-Values (measures of thermal resistance), and VOCs (air pollutants)….

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Reprinted with the permission of Green Home 2009, a Morris Media Group Custom Publication.

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