LEED Platinum Zero Energy Ready Home - New Fairfield CT Built by BPC Green Builders

How Propane Homes can be Zero Energy Ready

Build with Propane, News: By Hallie Busta    April 20, 2018

Chris Trolle was interviewed for an article in the Build with Propane website’s news article section about a Zero Energy Ready Home and LEED Platinum project BPC built in New Fairfield, Connecticut in 2012. The home uses propane as part of the home’s energy mix.  This home earned a HERS score of 39 when it was built. By adding a small 9kW PV solar panel array to the home, the home’s HERS score would be 2. Adding a slightly larger solar panel array would make the home a Net Zero Energy home.

Chris Trolle is quoted in the article:

“With each of the homes we do, we focus on a very robust thermal envelope,” Trolle says. “The fuel the client chooses to use is based on their budget and local availability.” Propane is a cleaner alternative to fuel oil and can be used nearly anywhere, including beyond the natural gas grid. Trolle says propane is generally used in these homes for domestic water heating, direct-vent fireplaces, and cooking ranges.

*ZNE means Zero Net Energy and ZER means Zero Energy Ready

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