What Does a Healthy Home Look Like? Infographic

(Downloadable PDF)

An energy-efficient home is a healthy home! If you want to make your house efficient and healthy, make sure it has these features. 

Green Building Materials

Using green building practices and materials keeps toxic building materials out of your home and prevents off-gassing. 


Well-insulated homes maintain a safe and comfortable temperature throughout, protecting your family and saving energy. 

Tight Building Envelope 

A tightly sealed building envelope minimizes humidity and moisture infiltration, reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth. 


Proper ventilation prevents combustion gases from impacting indoor air quality and keeps clean, fresh air circulating in your home. 

Fire, Smoke & CO2 Detection 

Detection systems are essential to monitor hazards and warn you immediately if danger is present. 

Solar, Batteries, & Generators 

Solar PV systems with backup batteries and generators allow you to keep essential medical equipment on during a power outage. 

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