BPC Builds Award-Winning Certified Green Homes

What Is a “Certified Green Home”?

To qualify as a “certified green home” a home must be designed and built to meet or exceed one of a number of green building industry or government established green home building certification standards.

Most certifications, require some or all of these steps:

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  • The home is designed to meet the certification criteria
  • A third party verifier reviews the plans to confirm the home is designed to meet the certification
  • At one or more times during construction, the verifier inspects the home to confirm certain aspects of the construction related to the certification requirements
  • Once the home is completed, the verifier conducts a blower door and/or other testing to assure the home as built meets the post-construction requirements
  • Upon completion and submission to the certifying organization of a certification application along with construction documentation, test results and verifier’s reports showing the home meets the certification criteria, the home can obtain certification

For the homes built by BPC Green Builders, the certification process is managed by BPC. Some green builders have the project’s architect or third-party verification professional manage the certification process.

BPC Builds Homes to Some of the Highest Green Standards

BPC homes are truly certified green homes. Every BPC home built today meets or exceeds three or more established certified green home industry standards.

ALL BPC homes built today can be certified for ALL three of these green building standards:

  1. ENERGY STAR for Homes
  2. Indoor airPLUS
  3. Zero Energy Ready Homes

BPC also builds homes that meet or exceed one or more of these green home standards:

The Value of Having Your Home Green Certified

Homes can be built to meet specific certified green home standards, but if they do not go through the certification process they are not certified green homes. While some homeowners elect this route BPC generally advises to follow through with certification for several reasons.

  • Part of certification processes includes third-party verification the home meets certain performance benchmarks and verification of the building materials and methods used.
    • Without this verification, a home buyer can’t be assured their home meets the intended certification level.
  • Without having a green home certified, a homeowner has no way proving the home is a certified green home or what type of certification the home complies with.
    • This can potentially be a problem if the homeowner seeks an Energy Efficient Mortgage and when selling the home later.

BPC Can Build Your Home to Meet These and Other Green Home Certifications

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What Green Home Standard is Best for You?

The best certification standard for your home depends on you balancing your green goals and priorities for your home, and your budget. Sometimes, your home’s location, lot, options for positioning your home on the lot, trees and buildings near your home also factor into the decision.

No one can make this decision for you, but BPC’s team can assist you. We can help you by identifying the certification programs that best fit your goals, priorities, and budget. We can also explain to you the limitations and opportunities your home’s lot offers. We can provide you the information you need and the guidance you want when making your decision.