A home is an investment in more ways than one. Not only is it one of the largest purchases a person can make, it also serves as the backdrop for your life and every moment that you spend with loved ones, raising a family, or achieving your goals.

Green homes are environmentally-responsible, healthy, comfortable, and durable, making them the perfect choice for every family. But there’s a lot more to creating a green home in Western Connecticut, and Westchester County than simply using green materials.

If you’re curious about the concept of green homes, wondering how green homes differ from conventional homes, or deciding if building a custom green home would be right for you at some point in the future, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn more about these impressive buildings and find out how to build your own.

What is a Green Home?

A green home is a house built to satisfy one or more Green Building Standards.

Green homes all fall somewhere on a spectrum. Building standards on the lighter end of the spectrum focus on reducing energy consumption and waste, while others on the more aggressive side will achieve exceptional levels of efficiency that can even result in an energy positive home—a structure that produces more energy than it requires.

At a minimum, every home built by BPC meets or exceeds the requirements for the following:

Additional standards that BPC builds to include:

  • Passive House Institute US (PHIUS)
  • LEED for Homes
  • WaterSense
  • National Green Building Standards
  • Net Zero Energy Home
  • Positive Energy Home
  • Sustainability Building Principles
  • American Lung Association Health House


The Benefits of a Green Home

Green homes offer measurable value and results. A green home will always be:


What Goes Into Building a Green Home?

There are many steps to building a green home, and each part of the process can be different than building a conventional home. An experienced, certified green builder will be able to walk you through every step of the process, explaining unfamiliar green building terms and answering any questions you might have throughout.  


What Do I Need To Know About Building a Green Home?

One of the most important things to look out for when preparing to build a truly green home is greenwashing. As green buildings have become more desirable, some builders now claim to build green homes simply because they use ENERGY STAR® systems or solar, which in and of themselves, don’t make a home green.

Every aspect of the building process matters when creating a green home, from the building envelope, to the insulation, framing, home placement on your land, and more. Protect your investment by taking time to ask builders what makes their homes green, review their video and photo galleries, and comb through their reviews and testimonials. A builder who’s excited about your project and your green goals will be enthusiastic about discussing their work with you.


What Should You Look For in a Green Builder?

A reputable custom green home builder will use only the best green building practices to create healthy, high-quality, and energy efficient homes for New York and Connecticut families.

We recommend looking for a team of experts who is committed to:

  • Collaboration with architects and clients alike
  • Honoring your needs and preferences
  • And helping you understand each step of the process

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“We were surprised and delighted to find in Mike Trolle, of BPC Green Builders, a local builder who not only gave us the kind of house we wanted, but helped us figure out what that was in the first place. His ideas about what a house needs — and doesn’t need — were invaluable. He even helped us find an architect whose ideas were in sync with ours.”
Tom and Stacy, Westport, Connecticut
“We found your expertise in building science to be of great help in planning the project and in the selection of appropriate equipment and materials. BPC’s management of the subcontractors and communication with us always met our expectations. Moreover, BPC was conscientious and ethical in all aspects of the work. We would be pleased to recommend BPC without reservation.”
Christine and Monte, Bethany, Connecticut
“As architects, it has also been a sincere pleasure to work for Mike. He is an extraordinary client who has been able to utilize our skills and experience. The working relationship that we have developed is based upon trust and confidence, and has been tested by the realities and trials of construction.”
Thomas RC Hartman, AIA, Coldham Architects LLC
“BPC is in the forefront of this commitment. Our company has benefited from our professional and personal interaction with Mike and Chris Trolle. From client introduction to final walk through, the drive for total customer satisfaction is clear.”
Dean Demague, High Performance Energy Solutions