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Services for Architects in Western Connecticut and Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess Counties, New York

BPC Works with Architects and their Clients to Design and Build Exceptionally Green, Healthy, and Sustainable Homes 

BPC Green Builders teams with architects, from the start of a project, to collaborate in creating and delivering well-designed homes that offer the architect’s clients the benefits of high performance, energy efficient, sustainable green homes. BPC homes are also healthier and more comfortable than conventional homes.

As one of the first green builders in the area, BPC has been building green, high performance homes here since 1998. Our team is trained and experienced in virtually all aspects of residential green building, high performance home building, and residential building science. BPC built the first and only American Lung Association Health House in Connecticut as well as the first Passive House certified by PHIUS (Passive House Institute US) in Connecticut.

We Help Architects Who Know Green Building and Those that Don’t Design and Build Certifiable,  Award-Winning Green Homes

BPC works with architects who are trained in green building as well as those who are not. BPC helps architecture professionals design and build beautiful homes that will offer their clients the added benefits of any level of green building a homeowner seeks, as well as the unique benefits of a healthier, more comfortable home. BPC allows you to take advantage of the growing demand for high performance, energy efficient, sustainable green homes.

And you can offer high performance, green, comfortable, healthier homes with great confidence compared to working with builders who don’t have BPC’s expertise and track record in green building and building science. As a leader in green building in the area, BPC has a great deal of knowledge to share with architects with whom we work. We also like to recommend to our clients architects that we know can design green homes.

BPC offers you a way to document your track record of designing outstanding green homes and home renovations. BPC Green Builders’ homes win awards and have earned the highest green certifications in the industry including Passive House certified and LEED for Homes Platinum. Our homes achieve top-tier HERS scores.  BPC also will construct homes to DOE Zero Energy Ready Home standards, at a minimum, for homeowners who don’t desire the higher levels of home performance and additional green building benefits that are available.

BPC homes need not cost more to build. However, when homeowners want to build to a top level of high performance that costs more to build, their upfront marginal investment is more than offset by energy and maintenance savings. BPC homes are engineered, specified and built to have a lower cost of home ownership from the start. High performance energy efficient homes built today have faster and bigger ROIs than green homes built even 5 years ago.

BPC homes also get noticed by the press because of their outstanding performance. This brings attention to BPC and the architects with whom we work.

How Architects Benefit from Working with BPC

  • BPC helps architects offer more reasons for homeowners to select them.
    • BPC helps architects tap into the growing demand for green and energy efficient homes.
    • BPC helps you offer homeowners healthier and more comfortable homes. (More selling points for you and more satisfied clients.)
    • BPC offers you a way to build your company’s portfolio of green certified and award-winning homes.
  • BPC Green Builders on the project can make your job easier with the services listed below.
  • BPC Green Builders is easy to work with and works well with both architects and homeowners.
  • Working with BPC is good for your business.
    • Recommending your clients work with BPC Green Builders is sure to make them pleased and make you look good.
    • While BPC offers design/build packages to our clients, BPC does not have on-staff architects. We bring into the project outside architects we believe will be a good fit for the project.
    • BPC Green Builders also recommends qualified architects to our clients who select BPC before they select an architect.

Services BPC Provides for Architects

  • BPC can help your clients determine and focus in on the green and home performance objectives they want.
  • BPC provides you with expert green building, high-performance home support, guidance, and information during the design phase of the project.
  • BPC helps architects with and without green training and expertise to design, engineer and specify for green homes built to meet any green industry standard.
  • BPC can take care of the engineering of systems to optimize functionality, maximum performance, system life, and cost.
  • BPC can assist you in building materials and system selection and green strategies to achieve the project’s objectives.
  • BPC can provide you with cost information throughout the design phase to help you design to your clients’ budgets.

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