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Articles About BPC Green Builders

Note: Until September of 2007, BPC Green Builders, Inc. was known as Building Performance Construction Services, LLC. Articles and awards from before then will refer to the company as Building Performance Construction Services, though in some cases for clarity we may refer to ourselves as BPC Green Builders, even in material from before the name change.


How Propane Homes can be Zero Energy Ready

Build with Propane, News: By Hallie Busta    April 20, 2018

Chris Trolle was interviewed for an article in the Build with Propane website’s news article section about a Zero Energy Ready Home and LEED Platinum project BPC built in Fairfield, Connecticut in 2012. The home uses propane as part of the home’s energy mix.  This home earned a HERS score of 39 when it was built. By adding a small 9kW PV solar panel array to the home, the home’s HERS score would be 2. Adding a slightly larger solar panel array would make the home a Net Zero Energy home.

Chris is quoted in the article:

“With each of the [ZNE and ZER] homes we do, we focus on a very robust thermal envelope,” Trolle says. “The fuel the client chooses to use is based on their budget and local availability.” Propane is a cleaner alternative to fuel oil and can be used nearly anywhere, including beyond the natural gas grid. Trolle says propane is generally used in these homes for domestic water heating, direct-vent fireplaces, and cooking ranges.

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Ridgefield “net-zero” house powered fully by the sun

NewsTimes, Feburary 23, 2017

The article starts out with: “After nearly a year in their new home, the Ranades haven’t had to pay a nickel for the energy needed to run it.” It also says: “They turned to Mike Trolle, a principal at BPC Green Builders, and learned that it made more financial sense to completely rebuild, adding the energy-efficient features they wanted. ‘Generally, with the way the energy costs are going up in Connecticut especially, and the costs to build a green home have gone down, it made sense,’ said Kishore Ranade.”

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Passive Housing Trend Gaining Momentum in Fairfield County

Westfair Online, October 2016

Energy-saving passive housing, something of a “bubbling under” trend to many, seems to be gathering momentum, including in Fairfield County where a pair of developers are rolling out the concept to both residential and commercial customers. (…)

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Modern Breed

Ridgefield Magazine, November/December 2015

“A house is not just what you want but what the site wants,” says architect Vincent Colangelo. That’s particularly true for the modern house he designed off Branchville Road. Finished in 2010, this stunning contemporary sits on a 2.65-acre property that slopes down to the woods. Designed in collaboration with the owners and Wilton-based builder Mike Trolle, the house models comfort and sustainability. It is also a happy haven for the owners’ two retired greyhounds, Ender and Jolie. (…)

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2014 Housing Innovation Award Winner: BPC Green Builders

U.S. Department of Energy Challenge Home Case Study

“Snow is cold, rain is wet, Chills my soul right to the marrow I won’t be happy … Till I’m home again and feeling right.”

Carole King penned these lyrics long before the 1950s bungalow on the street named after her in Danbury, Connecticut, was rebuilt as an ultra-energy-efficient home, but the words sum up how the homeowners feel about their new home, a lakefront cottage that has received a Zero Energy Ready Home certification from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America program.

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Building the Future: A Builder’s Personal Dream Home Hits HERS 35

Energy Design Update, August 2014

Winner of the 2013 “Lowest HERS Index without Renewable Technologies” in the CT Zero Energy Challenge, the Trolle Residence in Danbury, Connecticut is the noteworthy culmination of a builder’s dream for his own personal residence.

Part 1
Part 2

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BPC Green Builders Lowers Home’s Energy Cost by 90% May 2, 2014 

In a article written by Dirk Perrefort, he writes:

DANBURY — BPC Green Builders is quickly becoming one of the leaders in the region in green building methods.”

The article also mentions an award winning green home that BPC Green Builders built that uses 90% less energy than a conventional home.

“The company, which is based in Wilton, recently won the Connecticut Zero Energy Challenge for using green construction methods to build a home near Lake Waubeeka in Danbury that uses 90 percent less electricity than the typical house.”

In the article mentions a home built by BPC Green Builders had an incredibly low cost of heating for the entire winter.

For the entire winter our heating costs were about $250,”  [bolded by BPC for emphasis]

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Houses The Green Built

By Karen Sackowitz
Green Home 2014 Annual Issue

Despite the runaway use of the term in just about every industry, when it comes to quality home construction, it isn’t easy being “green.” What should be a well-quantified distinction has become a marketing term, shortchanging homeowners who want to know how the real process works and how to best ensure the life of their new or existing house. “everybody in the building community will say they are green builders, but it’s a sophisticated science and a complicated process if you do it right,” says Mike trolle of BpC Green Build
ers. “it’s also fascinating. As a builder, you need to keep educating yourself.”

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Reprinted with the permission of Green Home 2014, a Morris Media Group Custom Publication.

2013 Housing Innovation Award Winner: BPC Green Builders

U.S. Department of Energy Challenge Home Case Study

A difficult decision to tear down a 60-year old lakeside bungalow led to the construction of a Challenge Home-certified, LEED platinum home that takes energy efficiency to new heights in New Fairfield, Connecticut. Owners James Gainfort and Hayden McKay learned the old home’s concrete block walls would not support the second-story addition, they hoped to add to take advantage of views of Candlewood Lake and to increase storage space in this escape-from-New York weekend retreat that will one day be their year-round retirement home. So the husband and wife architects decided to make the most of the situation, tearing down the old, asbestos-tiled building to the foundation slab, salvaging everything possible, and designing a new, modern two-story home that captures commanding views, lots of daylight, and significant energy savings.

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Reprinted with the permission.

Low-Impact Luxury

GreenBuilder, June 2013

Nate and Etta Kantor wanted to live in a truly green home. To achieve their goals, the couple wanted to work with a contractor who shared their vision of green living and energy efficiency, their concern for the environment, and their rigorous attention to detail as they undertook a major renovation to their 5,000-square-foot Adirondack style cabin. They turned to Chris and Mike Trolle of BPC Green Builders to build the home, which was designed by architect Jim Edgcomb.

Complete article…

Reprinted with the permission.

Healthy Homeowners

By Dan Briody
Green Home 2012 Annual Issue

Etta Kantor still remembers the reaction she got from her builder when she described the type of house she wanted him to build. “He was so excited,” she recalls. “He said ‘Oh, you want to pull out all the stops!'”

For most builders, it is the size and cost of a new project that elicits this type of reaction. But for Mike Trolle, founder of BPC Green Builders, the thrill came instead from the opportunity to put all of his knowledge and years of training in building science to work on a single project.

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Reprinted with the permission of Green Home 2012, a Morris Media Group Custom Publication.

Scientific Method

By Dan Briody
Green Home 2011 Annual Issue

Mike Trolle knows things about houses that very few people know. He knows how much heat a flat-screen television throws off. He knows how much heat the toilet flushes of a family of four will suck out of the air. He knows the insulating properties of every conceivable material you might use to build and insulate the walls of your house. In short, Trolle, the founder of BPC Green Builders, knows the modern science of building. And along with his brother Chris, he is building some of the most energy efficient homes ever seen in this part of the world, including the only two LEED-certified Platinum homes in Fairfield County.

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Reprinted with the permission of Green Home 2011, a Morris Media Group Custom Publication.

Old + New: Best Use of Advanced Building Technologies

GreenBuilder – The Green Design Guide, December, 2010

The Adirondack-style shingled home, complete with a pond and running stream, holds its own along the estate-studded back roads of New Canaan, Conn. But it is a beauty that’s simply the veneer on a highly engineered and efficient home.

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Ridgefield Home Gets Top “Green”

Press, Ridgefield, CT, July 1, 2010

A Ridgefield home is the first in town and in Fairfield County to be certified at the LEED for Homes Platinum tier by the United States Green Building Council.

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Reprinted with the permission.

Green Speak

By Dan Briody
Green Home 2009 Annual Issue

Mike Trolle is what you might call a green-building geek. And he’s okay with that.

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Reprinted with the permission of Green Home 2009, a Morris Media Group Custom Publication.

The Greenest House in Town

by Vinti Singh
New Canaan News, January 8, 2009

(BPC Green Builders is the builder of the home that is the topic of this article. Photos and plans for this home may be seen in our Photo Gallery.)

To Etta Kantor, photovoltaic cells are beautiful. They represent the awesome energy of the sun, which gives the planet 10,000 times more energy than it needs.

Complete article…

Reprinted with the permission of the New Canaan News, a Hearst Newspaper.

The Greening of America’s Homes

By Jane K. Dove
The Home Monthly, October 2006

Is “green building” in the Northeast finally set to move out of the shadows and into the sun?
The answer seems to be, yes.

Complete article…

Reprinted with the permission of The Home Monthly, Hersham Acorn Newspapers, 2006.

The High Performance House

By Jennifer Huget
Connecticut Magazine, May 2003

When you go shopping for a builder, you don’t expect to end up talking philosophy. But if Mike Trolle is the builder at hand, you’re likely to spend as much time discussing the principles that guide his work as you are counting closets and square footage. Maybe more.

Complete article…

Reprinted with the permission of Connecticut Magazine.

Healthier Indoor Air, Making Every Breath Fresh and Filtered

By Cheryl Crabb
The Hartford Courant, August 11, 2002

After months of renovation, Stacy Prince expects to breathe a lot easier once she and her family move back into their Westport home later this month. From the outside, the Prince’s saltbox colonial will blend in easily with other houses on their street. One key feature, though, sets it apart: the pure air inside. 

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Reprinted with the permission of The Hartford Courant.

Roxbury Health House Gentle on the Lungs, Kind to the Environment

By Christine Shugrue
Sierra Club Quinnehtukqut, Summer 2000

When it comes to improving our health we will consider changing our diet, exercising more, taking vitamins and slowing down a hectic schedule. Few of us, however, realize that our health can be seriously harmed by poor indoor air quality. Indoor air pollution, which may be tenfold higher than outdoor levels, contributes to a host of increasingly common ailments such as asthma and chronic sinusitis.

Complete article…

Reprinted with the permission of the Sierra Club Quinnehtukqut.

A Roxbury House that Helps You Breathe

By Kathryn Boughton
The Litchfield County Times, Friday, May 26, 2000
Business and Real Estate Section

In colonial America, settlers closed their houses tightly against the night air, convinced that unhealthy ‘humors’ were carried on the evening breeze. Today, the situation is reversed, according to Michael Trolle, a general contractor currently completing Connecticut’s first “Health House’ on the wooded Transylvania Road in Roxbury.

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Reprinted with the permission of The Litchfield County Times.

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