Houses That Green Built

By Karen Mankowitz
Green Home 2014 Annual Issue

This article says:

“Despite the runaway use of the term in just about every industry, when it comes to quality home construction, it isn’t easy being “green.” What should be a well-quantified distinction has become a marketing term, shortchanging homeowners who want to know how the real process works and how to best ensure the life of their new or existing house. “Everybody in the building community will say they are green builders, but it’s a sophisticated science and a complicated process if you do it right,” says Mike Trolle of BPC Green Builders. “It’s also fascinating. As a builder, you need to keep educating yourself.” Over the last 15 years, Trolle has seen the difference between builders who simply wanted to ride the green wave and those who wanted to immerse themselves in the true science of it. “Most builders are doing the same old, same old and moving it up a notch or two to meet updated building codes,” he says. “That means they’re doing what they have to do, but not what they could do.” …

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Reprinted with the permission of Green Home 2014, a Morris Media Group Custom Publication.

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