New Online Glossary of Green Building Terms for Consumers Published by BPC Green Builders

BPC Green Builders Believes the New Edition to be the Most Comprehensive Green Building Glossary Online

Wilton, CT October 23, 2019 – BPC Green Builders, Inc. announces the online publication of a new comprehensive Glossary of Green Building Terms targeted for use by consumers, home buyers, and others interested in green building and green homes.

The new glossary contains over 300 definitions and 70 illustrations and photos. Out of necessity, some definitions contain technical information. However, the glossary was written for those without technical training. The glossary provides both definitions and other information BPC believes is important for consumers and home buyers to know.

Based on research done by BPC’s glossary editors, BPC believes its new illustrated glossary is the most comprehensive green building term glossary online, at least ones written in English.

BPC plans to release a PDF of the glossary soon. Both the online and PDF glossary have more definitions and graphics in the works, and the glossary will be updated periodically. BPC will announce when the PDF version of the glossary is available to download and when major updates to both are released.

The glossary definitions are based on online research, and the glossary editors’ and BPC’s knowledge of green building terms. The glossary also includes links to 25 of the online sources our editors used when creating the glossary.

BPC seeks feedback from consumers and green building professionals about the glossary, the definitions, terms that they think should be added, and any other comments. Comments should be sent to

Select images from BPC’s Green Glossary below. Others available.

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ERV Energy Recovery Ventilator diagram

Energy Recovery Ventilator



normal truss and energy truss

Normal vs Energy/Heeled Truss

Thermal Bridging illustration

Thermal Bridging

Angle of Incidence illustration

Angle of Incidence


displacement ventilation illustration

Displacement Ventilation