Lance joined BPC after a decade-long career in the public and commercial construction space. This included projects for public institutions including primary and secondary schools, universities, local governments, and non-profits. He had previously worked in residential construction for his father, a custom home builder who taught him about construction and carpentry and instilled in him the exacting standards and practices for building durable and comfortable homes.

Lance still remembers the excitement of showing up to his father’s job sites as a young boy.

For the better part of 15 years, Lance has been committed to grassroots sustainability, focusing on alternative ways to reduce our carbon footprints both in lifestyle and the built environment. His interest in building net-zero, high-performance, healthy homes brought him to BPC.

Lance pursued Environmental Studies at the University of San Diego, holds a BS in Biological Sciences from Rutgers University, an MS in Environmental Science from New Jersey Institute of Technology, and is a Certified Passive House Builder under PHIUS.