Your new green home can look virtually any way you wish. This is because today’s green home building technology, materials, and approaches offer design flexibility not available to green homes built 20 years ago.

With the exception, perhaps of you seeing a new home with solar panels, it takes a well-trained eye to tell if a home is green or not based on its exterior and interior appearance. BPC has built green homes that range in design from looking likes homes built in the 1800s to ultra-modern and everything in between.

Here are some examples:

zero energy home by bpc green builders in CT

zero energy passive house

zero energy home

near zero energy home

certified Passive house in CT

net zero energy home

LEED Platinum Certified green Home in CT on LI Sound

green home

LEED Platinum Certified Home in New Canaan CT Front View

zero energy ready home in new canaan ct

LEED Platinum Zero Energy Ready Home - New Fairfield CT Built by BPC Green Builders

net zero energy home

green home

green home in CT by BPC Green builders

net zero energy home