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Retrofitting a home to meet green certification standards is better for the environment than tearing down your old home to build a new one, and it delivers all of the same comfort and economic benefits. Plus, deep green retrofitted homes are more valuable if you decide to sell. Here are some factors that go into this specific type of home improvement project.

1. Building Envelope

A good building envelope protects your home from the outdoor elements, but a poor building envelope can be a source of significant energy waste. Upgrading your home with better insulation and making it virtually airtight is an essential component of a deep green retrofit.

2. Heating and Cooling

Air source heat pumps run completely on electricity, and use less energy than the traditional HVAC systems you’ll be replacing. Plus, with advanced insulation and air sealing, your new heating and cooling system can be smaller and will run less often

3. Fresh Air Ventilation

Home health is an essential component of a deep green retrofit. All BPC green homes deliver fresh filtered air via energy recovery ventilators that keep pollutants out of your home while minimizing energy loss.

4. Hot Water

Hot water heaters are the second largest source of energy use in a home, behind heating and cooling. Heat pump water heaters utilize air source heat pump technology, and use a fraction of the energy compared to other types of water heaters.

5. Appliances and Fixtures

Green homes are filled with green appliances! During a deep green retrofit, we’ll work with you to replace the appliances and fixtures in your home with all electric ENERGY STAR models.

6. Solar Panels

Often the final step in a green retrofit is installing solar panels. Solar energy can help your upgrade qualify as a net zero energy home, which means it generates enough electricity to cover your annual energy use.

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