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Environmental problems are creating extreme weather conditions across the planet—even right in our backyard—highlighting the consequences of climate change, pollution, and loss of biodiversity on our planet. Part of the solution is to embrace sustainable living.

Living in an eco-friendly home means you are taking action to be more environmentally friendly. Along with their many other benefits, green homes help mitigate the impacts of climate change by minimizing your carbon footprint. Custom green home builders like BPC Green Builders are at the forefront of this crucial mission.

What Makes Our Green Homes Environmentally Friendly

Energy Efficiency

A key feature of a sustainably built home is energy efficiency. We look to find efficiencies in every step of the design and building process. For example, the location and orientation of the house on your property can maximize natural light and minimize energy consumption. While building, we use high-performing insulation and air sealing materials to make the home virtually airtight, which minimizes heat loss. Energy efficient heating and cooling systems and appliances are also a standard feature in all of our houses. When taken together, BPC’s green homes use far less energy than traditional houses, and they waste less, too.

Renewable Energy Sources

In addition to being energy efficient, our homes are designed to utilize renewable energy sources. All systems and appliances are electric, reducing the use of fossil fuels. Solar panels, coupled with a solar battery, can be installed on your home and generate enough energy to fully offset power drawn from the grid. Plus, any electricity from your solar panels will be 100% clean and renewable energy.

The Economics of Green Building: Affordable For All

Building a green home doesn’t need to be cost-prohibitive. On average, the initial price may be slightly more than if you were to build a traditional home, but the economic benefits of green building become obvious in the long run. Lower energy bills, due to greater energy efficiency, ensure a return on your investment over the home’s lifespan.

Lower energy costs: High-efficiency appliances, solar power, and superior insulation result in significant savings on energy bills.

Future-proof investment: As energy prices rise, green homes become more valuable. Your upfront investment secures a long-term economic benefit.

Government incentives: Various state and federal programs incentivize green building with rebates and tax credits.

Moreover, advancements in technology have made eco-friendly construction more accessible and cost-effective than ever. Did you know that the cost to install solar has dropped by more than 50% over the last decade? Think of how many hybrid and electric vehicles are on the road now compared to 2010. The same thing is happening for green homes—as more and more green homes are built, economies of scale and advancing technology are making them affordable to more families.

Reach Out to BPC Green Builders Today to Learn More

Choosing a green home is not just a responsible decision for the environment. It’s a practical and economical choice for you as a homeowner. As an award-winning green home builder serving Western Connecticut and nearby counties in New York, BPC Green Builders has a long local history of building high-quality, high-performance, and low-carbon homes. Our houses aren’t just “green,” they’re certified green, and our work qualifies for a variety of performance certifications, including passive house, net zero energy, LEED, and more.

Start building your custom green home with BPC Green Builders. Call (203) 563-9909 or contact us today to learn more.

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