Climate Change and the Environment 

Passive House Design Way to Stay Cool

Fast Company Article Suggests Passive House Design as Way to Stay Cool with Increasingly Extreme Heat Fast Company magazine’s July 8, 2021 article “How an ancient design technique could help us survive extreme heat, no AC needed” says that Passive House design is one way to help homeowners and others stay cool in [...]

Game-Changing Plastic Recycling Process Promoted by Sir David Attenborough

File This Post Under Good Very Good News Sir David Attenborough, wildlife filmmaker and environmental champion, recently appeared in a video supporting a new potentially game-changing plastic recycling technology that can recycle virtually any type of plastic. Sir Attenborough is no fan of plastic pollution. He’s said, “What’s so tragic about plastic pollution [...]

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Google Maps Directions Going Green!

According to a recent article in Fast Company Google is in the process of changing the default directions it gives you from point A to point B to be the route most eco-friendly. “Instead of showing you the fastest route from point A to point B by default, it will show you the greenest [...]

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Plastics: NPR Interactive – What’s Usually Recyclable & What’s Not

The typical American creates over 250 pounds of plastic waste each year! Not surprising, much of this waste starts out as packaging. What happens to all our plastic waste and how it is recycled or not is a problem. Even today and even if you have a recycling bin. Why? Because many people are [...]

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Why it’s time to start saying Climate Crisis instead of Climate Change

Photo of the Thomas Wildfire in California in 2017   Climate Change is what is happening. But what we have now is a Climate Crisis. Words matter and "Climate Change" does not communicate the critical importance or urgency of the situation we are in. The climate has changed enough that we are [...]

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Green Homes: A Way to Fight Climate Change

We’re Close to the Tipping Point A recent article in Fine Homebuilding magazine that discusses climate change and home building starts with this challenge to the building industry: "Faced with consequences equivalent to a giant asteroid set to hit the earth in 10 to 50 years, we designers and builders owe it to the [...]

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CNN Article posted on Earth Day: We’re losing the war on climate change

As CNN's analysis by John D. Sutter from Monday, April 22, 2019, and titled "We're losing the war on climate change" leads off: "(CNN) For years now, people like environmentalist and journalist Bill McKibben have been screaming from the treetops that we need a World War II-scale mobilization to fight the scourge of climate change." [...]

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NOAA Spring Flood Outlook for US and BPC Service Area

According to the news release on the US Department of Commerce's NOAA website Spring Outlook: Historic, widespread flooding to continue through May  "Nearly two-thirds of the Lower 48 states face an elevated risk for flooding through May, with the potential for major or moderate flooding in 25 states, according to NOAA’s U.S. Spring Outlook [...]

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First Confirmed Mammal Extinction Cause by Climate Change

Rising Sea-levels, Flooding and More Extreme Storms Caused by Climate Change and Failure to Mitigate Problems Blamed Scientific American reported on March 21, 2019, that the Australian government announced the world’s first extinction of a mammal caused by climate change. The mammal, called Bramble Cay Melomys, was determined to be extinct after an exhaustive [...]

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Greenland’s Ice Loss 2002 – 2016

The mass of the Greenland ice sheet has rapidly declined in the last several years due to surface melting and iceberg calving. Research based on observations from the NASA/German Aerospace Center’s twin Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellites indicates that between 2002 and 2016, Greenland shed approximately 280 gigatons of ice [...]

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What Happens in the Arctic, Doesn’t Stay in the Arctic

Photo by Kristoffer Brink Jonsson from Pexels Temperatures in the Arctic are rising faster than other places on earth. But as explained in an article called “The Arctic Is Changing. Here’s How It Will Affect You” by Madison Dapcevich in IFLSCIENCE!, this increased Arctic warming also impacts other places in the world [...]

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PBS Newshour Video: How Climate Change is Loading the Dice for More Perilous Hurricanes

As yet another large hurricane takes aim on the US, the part climate change is playing in intensifying our weather is back again in the news. This 6-minute 14-second video is a discussion between Amna Nawaz and Radley Horton of Columbia University on the link between 1) climate change, 2) rising sea levels and 3) rising [...]

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PBS Video: Decoding the Weather Machine

More and more destructive hurricanes. Some of the worst wildfires and droughts. Deadly heat waves and extreme rainfall. Something has changed with our weather today, and many scientists agree. As NOVA's description of this two-hour video states:  "It’s the result of the weather machine itself—our climate—changing, becoming hotter and more erratic." This NOVA documentary cuts [...]

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Former Governor Martin O’Malley on the Opportunities of Climate Change – Video

Climate Change Challenges are also Opportunities. Former Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley believes we can use climate change as an opportunity to move towards the goal of our nation and economy being fueled by 100% clean renewable energy. And he believes we already have the technology and expertise to achieve this goal. [...]

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What Climate Change Will Cause

A Great Overview from the Washington Post About What to Expect An analysis article in the Washington Post by Philip Bump entitled "What Climate Change is Actually Expected to Do" explains not only what scientists generally agree on will happen but also how what will happen will make climate change even worse. The article [...]

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