Green Home Economics & Savings
Green homes today cost less to build than in the past, provide a higher return on investment, faster payback period and more savings than ever before. In fact, green homes built today have a lower homeownership cost than conventional homes.

What are High-Performance Homes?

High-Performance Homes, like high-performance cars, do everything a home or car would do but better. However, unlike non-EV high-performance cars, which are typically not energy-efficient, high-performance homes are energy-efficient, use near net-zero or net-zero energy, use less water, and yet they are more comfortable and healthier to live in than conventional homes. [...]

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What Climate Change Will Cause

A Great Overview from the Washington Post About What to Expect An analysis article in the Washington Post by Philip Bump entitled "What Climate Change is Actually Expected to Do" explains not only what scientists generally agree on will happen but also how what will happen will make climate change even worse. The article [...]

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