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Game-Changing Plastic Recycling Process Promoted by Sir David Attenborough

File This Post Under Good Very Good News Sir David Attenborough, wildlife filmmaker and environmental champion, recently appeared in a video supporting a new potentially game-changing plastic recycling technology that can recycle virtually any type of plastic. Sir Attenborough is no fan of plastic pollution. He’s said, “What’s so tragic about plastic pollution [...]

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Google Maps Directions Going Green!

According to a recent article in Fast Company Google is in the process of changing the default directions it gives you from point A to point B to be the route most eco-friendly. “Instead of showing you the fastest route from point A to point B by default, it will show you the greenest [...]

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BPC Green Builders Publishes New Edition of its Online Glossary of Green Building Terms for Consumers

BPC Believes the New Edition to be the Most Comprehensive Green Building Term Glossary Online. BPC Green Builders is pleased to announce it has just posted online its newest and most comprehensive edition of Glossary of Green Building Terms to date. The new glossary contains over 300 terms and has 70 illustrations and photos. [...]

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Plastics: NPR Interactive – What’s Usually Recyclable & What’s Not

The typical American creates over 250 pounds of plastic waste each year! Not surprising, much of this waste starts out as packaging. What happens to all our plastic waste and how it is recycled or not is a problem. Even today and even if you have a recycling bin. Why? Because many people are [...]

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