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Passive House Design Way to Stay Cool

Fast Company Article Suggests Passive House Design as Way to Stay Cool with Increasingly Extreme Heat Fast Company magazine’s July 8, 2021 article “How an ancient design technique could help us survive extreme heat, no AC needed” says that Passive House design is one way to help homeowners and others stay cool in [...]

Homes that Live Healthy

More and more people now understand that indoor air quality is important for the health of those that live in the home. US Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home certification standards results in homes that live healthy.  Learn how every Zero Energy Ready certified home integrates 100% of leading expert recommendations for protecting [...]

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Homes That Live Better

Learn why homes live better when they meet the federal government’s most rigorous guidelines for home performance, the US Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home certification standard. A standard that delivers a superior living experience. Soon after the Zero Energy Ready Home certification program was started [...]

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Building Matters: Why we need building sensors

Reprinted with permission © 2021, The Taunton Press, Inc. Why we need building sensors The rapidly evolving field of sensor technology allows us to monitor building performance and create healthier indoor environments. Photo: courtesy of author [Ben Bogie] Wood moisture meter. The OmniSense S-2 Wireless Sensor monitors temperature, humidity, and wood moisture [...]

What Does a Green Home Look Like?

Your new green home can look virtually any way you wish. This is because today’s green home building technology, materials, and approaches offer design flexibility not available to green homes built 20 years ago. With the exception, perhaps of you seeing a new home with solar panels, it takes a well-trained eye to tell [...]

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What are High-Performance Homes?

High-Performance Homes, like high-performance cars, do everything a home or car would do but better. However, unlike non-EV high-performance cars, which are typically not energy-efficient, high-performance homes are energy-efficient, use near net-zero or net-zero energy, use less water, and yet they are more comfortable and healthier to live in than conventional homes. [...]

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US DOE Videos about Zero Energy Ready Homes

All homes BPC Green Builders build today at a minimum meet the US Department of Energy certification standards for a Zero Energy Ready Home.  The videos below, prepared by the US DOE touch on some aspects of why Zero Energy Ready Homes are a good option for any home you buy or build. [...]

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What is Greenwashing?

The term "Greenwashing" has nothing to do with environmentally friendly cleaning products. Greenwashing means misrepresenting a home, construction method, product, or material as being "green" when it is not really green. Greenwashing is a deceptive marketing practice.   Green Washing can be done in many different ways; two of these are: The intentional and deceptive use [...]

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Is Green Building Too Expensive?

Is Green Building Too Expensive? By Kevin Ireton Editor, Fine Homebuilding My wife and I decided not to have children. We just couldn’t make the numbers work. From prenatal care through college tuition, we were looking at half a million dollars. Minimum. And it would be 25 years before that investment would even begin to [...]

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The Green Building Pyramid

Green Building Pyramid The Green Building Pyramid lays out very clearly how to set up your priorities so that you can end up with a home that is truly energy efficient. Click on a link below to open a larger image in a separate window Low-resolution PDF (672KB) High-resolution PDF (3MB) The Green Building Pyramid [...]

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Why Right-Sizing Your HVAC System is Best for Comfort, Energy Efficiency and Extending the Life of Your System

  Guest Author: Michelle West It’s understandable why some people would think that the bigger the heating or cooling system, the more comfortable you and your family would be. After all, bigger HVAC units are more powerful, and therefore more capable of providing the best possible heating and cooling, right? There are also people [...]

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How To Make Your Bathroom More Eco-Friendly

What do you think of when you hear “green home?” For most people, it’s energy efficiency. For others, it’s eco-friendly building materials. Unless you live in a severely drought-stressed area, water conservation is unlikely to be the first thing to come to mind. However, most people don’t realize how much energy is burned to [...]

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What is Passive Solar and How Does It Work?

Guest Author: Julie Scott With an increased focus on greener building and energy efficiency, the term “passive solar” is being used more and more. Not to be confused with solar panels, passive solar is the use of the natural environment in a way that optimizes the internal temperature of a home. Rather than relying [...]

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How Do Green Custom Homes Differ From Traditional Custom Homes?

As a green custom home builder, we’re often asked how custom green building differs from traditional home building – and how green custom homes themselves are different. The best way to illustrate what’s different about building a green custom house is to take you through a very basic version of the checklist we use [...]

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