More and more people now understand that indoor air quality is important for the health of those that live in the home. US Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home certification standards results in homes that live healthy.  Learn how every Zero Energy Ready certified home integrates 100% of leading expert recommendations for protecting the health of you and your family.

One of the first homes BPC Green Builders built was the only certified American Lung Health House built in Connecticut. While the American Lung Association no longer runs that nationwide program, BPC continues to build homes that are healthy. All homes BPC builds today meet or exceed the US Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home certification standard. This standard requires the home also meets the US EPA indoor air quality certification program called Indoor airPLUS.

But indoor air quality is not the only way certified Zero Energy Ready Homes are healthy.

All BPC homes builds today are built to meet or exceed the US DOE Zero Energy Ready Standard and are so certified*. More and more homes BPC builds achieve Net Zero Energy performance and some Positive Energy Performance. Some of BPC’s homes also meet the standards required for certification as a Passive House and are so certified*. BPC also builds homes meeting green building standards such as LEED for Homes Platinum, the National Green Building Standard’s top Emerald level, and more and are so certified*.

* BPC Green Builders recommends to clients the homes BPC builds for them be certified for the standards they have been designed and built to meet. Some BPC clients opt to forgo formal certification for some or all of the certification standards the home was designed and built to meet or exceed.

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