BPC Builds Award Winning
Certified Zero Energy Ready Homes

In Western Connecticut and Adjacent areas of New York

What is a Zero Energy Ready Home?

Certified Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH) are green homes that are so energy efficient, they can become net zero homes with the addition of PV solar panels. Even without solar panels, they are very energy-efficient, extra comfortable, have great indoor air quality, and are healthy to live in.

These homes also lower your cost of home ownership and are built to last. And of course, they are eco-friendly and help mitigate the climate crisis.

Zero Energy Ready Home Certification Standards

Zero Energy Ready Home certification standards are set, and the certification program is administered by, the US Department of Energy (DOE). ZERH standards build upon, and go beyond, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR® home certification program. For example, ENERGY STAR rated appliances, windows, heating, and cooling systems are required under the ZERH standard.

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All BPC Homes Built Today Meet or Exceed ZERH Standards

Due to BPC Green Builder’s commitment to building truly green and sustainable homes, all homes built today by BPC meet or exceed Zero Energy Ready Home certification standards. Today’s BPC homes all also exceed several other established green home standards.

Why Build a Zero Energy Ready Home?

Zero Energy Ready Homes achieve most or all the energy efficiency, sustainability, health, comfort, and environmentally friendly priorities of many home buyers. They also are a good choice for home buyers looking for what is arguably the most cost-effective certification standard to build a green home. In the BPC service area, ZERHs provide a relatively fast return on investment while lowering the cost of homeownership. Because a ZERH can easily be transformed into a net-zero home, a certified ZERH with solar panels can provide a high return on investment as well.

Top 9 Benefits BPC Zero Energy Ready Homes Offer

Ultra Energy Efficient

To be certified as a Zero Energy Ready Home, a newly constructed or completely renovated home must meet stringent guidelines specified by the US Department of Energy. This certification process ensures that the home is super-energy efficient. The advanced building methods BPC uses coupled with high-efficiency appliances and energy-saving major systems provide you substantial energy cost and homeownership savings. The energy requirements for a ZERH are low enough that even a modest solar panel array can meet all your household energy needs.

Healthier Indoor Air Quality

Your BPC ZERH will provide you exceptionally high indoor air quality. BPC ZERH certified homes meet or exceed the EPA Indoor airPLUS certification standards. This is great for any family with members who have allergies, respiratory problems, or simply like their home to be healthy.

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Zero Energy Ready Homes built by BPC have systems built into the home and use materials that greatly minimize indoor air pollutants, irritants, particulates, and allergens. They are also built to prevent radon gas (a carcinogen found in the soil) from entering the home. And BPC homes do all this while providing continuous fresh filtered air. Plus, BPC installs special equipment that recovers almost all the energy used from the stale air being exhausted, to heat or cool the home. Your ZERH is both healthy and energy-efficient.


Certified Zero Energy Ready Home must be built to withstand the test of time. Systems are carefully engineered to optimize their useful life and minimize repair and replacement costs. Materials are also selected and used following advanced building approaches to ensure your home will last longer and wear better.

Lower Cost of Home Ownership

Zero Energy Ready Homes lower the cost of homeownership in many ways.

  • They are super energy efficient saving you money on energy bills. If built with solar panels they can offset all your energy costs.
  • These homes are highly engineered and built to reduce the cost of repairing and replacing elements of your home such as HVAC systems.
  • While there is usually some, often small, marginal cost increase to build a Zero Energy Ready Home, in the BPC service area, these marginal costs are quickly recovered and from that point on, you are saving money each year.
  • If you take out a mortgage for the home, generally despite the slight marginal increase in construction, your monthly energy savings alone is almost more than the slight marginal increase in your mortgage because of slightly higher construction costs.*

*Because BPC only builds green homes, if there is any marginal increase in the cost of construction of a ZERH, it will be minimal compared to builders not as expert or experienced in green home construction.

The time it takes you to fully recover any marginal costs of construction and then get the full cost savings of living in a Zero Energy Ready Home is relatively short in the Connecticut and New York areas that BPC serves. And when you include solar panels on your home your energy cost savings are even higher.

Quieter and More Comfortable

BPC Zero Energy Ready Homes are designed to be welcoming and provide superior levels of home comfort and quiet.

Using building science’s best practices and insulation approaches, high-performance heating, and cooling systems, and high-quality windows and doors, BPC creates homes that are virtually draft-free and have consistent, comfortable temperatures and humidity levels, throughout your home.

The insulation methods and materials used in ZERH homes like BPC builds not only insulates the home thermally but also provides superior sound insulation. These homes minimize if not eliminate almost all annoying sounds coming from outside your home.

Advanced Technology

BPC’s Zero Energy Ready Homes are built using advanced building methods and technology based on sound Building Science. From high-performance heat pumps and water heaters to high-efficiency solar panels, appliances, lighting, insulation, windows, and doors and more. Smart home technology is also part of what BPC can provide. Technology that controls and monitors your energy use as well as other smart home functions.

Quality Built and Verified

checkmark Besides meeting local building codes, Zero Energy Ready Homes must meet much more stringent quality and performance standards than conventionally built homes or that local building codes require.

BPC’s Zero Energy Ready Homes are also third-party verified with regards to measuring and meeting these additional standards. This third-party verification and certification assure you are getting a truly green, well-built home.

Conscientious, Environmentally Responsible Construction

There is little doubt that climate change is wreaking havoc upon the environment. BPC believes it is incumbent on everyone who can, to take actions they can towards protecting and restoring the world around us.

Zero Energy Ready Homes is one of several green home standards BPC Green Builders offers its clients. ZERH is one of the standards most focused on what many homebuyers are looking for. Zero Energy Ready Homes and Zero Energy Homes are quickly becoming a trend in responsible home building. Zero Energy Ready Homes use little to no fossil fuel-generated power and so cause less carbon in the air and less environmental damage from fossil fuel extraction.

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Owning a Zero Energy Ready Home not only plays an important role in mitigating climate change, air pollution, and other environmental damage, but owning a Zero Energy Ready Home also shows that you care about the environment and sets a good example for your children, grandchildren, friends, and family. You just might inspire others to follow suit.

A Wiser Investment and Improved Resale

It is virtually impossible to predict the future value of a home, any home. But there are plenty of reasons to think that a ZERH built by BPC will be more attractive to buyers and so more easily sold in the future. Likewise, it is logical to expect a home that uses little to no energy from the grid and can have zero energy costs, will command a higher price than homes that have monthly energy bills running hundreds of dollars a month.

In many parts of the country, Green Homes are already commanding increased sale prices.

Why Consider BPC Green Builders?

Since 1998, BPC Green Builders has been a leader in building green custom homes in western CT and the adjacent areas of NY. While a local custom home builder, BPC has earned local, regional, and national recognition for the work it has done. BPC’s staff are experts in green building through and through. BPC even offers a performance guarantee that assures your home will meet the benchmarks the home was designed to meet. Comfort, energy efficiency, and more. BPC’s team can assist you in determining the optimal green building certification standard for your new home based on your priorities and preferences.

If you are ready to take the next step towards owning a BPC custom Zero Energy Ready Home or any type of truly green home, contact the seasoned professionals at BPC and learn just how rewarding your new green home can be.

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