What Is the HERS Rating System and Why Is It Important?

If you’re considering building a custom green home, then you’re already thinking about sustainability and living in a house that’s better for the environment. You may have even heard reference to HERS ratings and why it’s useful to have your new high-performance home rated.   But what is the HERS rating system and what do [...]

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The Difference Between Net Zero, Passive, and LEED-Certified Houses

(View as a downloadable PDF)Excited about BPC Green Builders’ energy efficient home options but unsure which green certification you should build to?  Start with this handy infographic outlining the differences between Passive Houses, LEED-Certified residences, and Net Zero Homes in New York and Connecticut.LEED-Certified HomesOffers a range of certification options from LEED Certified [...]

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Homes That Live Better

Learn why homes live better when they meet the federal government’s most rigorous guidelines for home performance, the US Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home certification standard. A standard that delivers a superior living experience. Soon after the Zero Energy Ready Home certification program was started [...]

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US DOE Videos about Zero Energy Ready Homes

All homes BPC Green Builders build today at a minimum meet the US Department of Energy certification standards for a Zero Energy Ready Home.  The videos below, prepared by the US DOE touch on some aspects of why Zero Energy Ready Homes are a good option for any home you buy or build. [...]

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