What Is the HERS Rating System and Why Is It Important?

If you’re considering building a custom green home, then you’re already thinking about sustainability and living in a house that’s better for the environment. You may have even heard reference to HERS ratings and why it’s useful to have your new high-performance home rated.   But what is the HERS rating system and what do [...]

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The Difference Between Net Zero, Passive, and LEED-Certified Houses

(View as a downloadable PDF) Excited about BPC Green Builders’ energy efficient home options but unsure which green certification you should build to?    Start with this handy infographic outlining the differences between Passive Houses, LEED-Certified residences, and Net Zero Homes in New York and Connecticut. LEED-Certified Homes Offers a range [...]

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BPC Wins Sixth US DOE Housing Innovation Award

BPC is pleased to announce that BPC is a winner of the U.S. DOE 2021 Housing Innovation Awards annual competition. This is the sixth Housing Innovation award BPC has earned since 2013. BPC’s project won in the category of Custom Homes (for Buyers). The home which BPC calls Hillside Passive House is a U.S. DOE [...]

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Passive House Design Way to Stay Cool

Fast Company Article Suggests Passive House Design as Way to Stay Cool with Increasingly Extreme Heat Fast Company magazine’s July 8, 2021 article “How an ancient design technique could help us survive extreme heat, no AC needed” says that Passive House design is one way to help homeowners and others stay cool in [...]

Homes that Live Healthy

More and more people now understand that indoor air quality is important for the health of those that live in the home. US Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home certification standards results in homes that live healthy.  Learn how every Zero Energy Ready certified home integrates 100% of leading expert recommendations for protecting [...]

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Homes That Live Better

Learn why homes live better when they meet the federal government’s most rigorous guidelines for home performance, the US Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home certification standard. A standard that delivers a superior living experience. Soon after the Zero Energy Ready Home certification program was started [...]

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Building Matters: Why we need building sensors

Reprinted with permission © 2021, The Taunton Press, Inc. Why we need building sensors The rapidly evolving field of sensor technology allows us to monitor building performance and create healthier indoor environments. Photo: courtesy of author [Ben Bogie] Wood moisture meter. The OmniSense S-2 Wireless Sensor monitors temperature, humidity, and wood moisture [...]

BPC Net-Zero Energy Home Project Subject of Series in Fine Home Building Magazine

An 80-year old home in Connecticut getting a deep energy retrofit and whole-house green renovation by BPC Green Builders is the subject of an ongoing series of articles in Fine Home Building Magazine. Join BPC project manager, Albert Jensen-Moulton and the editors of Fine Home Building magazine as this Net-Zero Energy home progresses. [...]

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Two BPC Green Builders Projects Featured in Bedford & New Canaan Magazine

Two custom green homes recently built by BPC Green Builders are the subjects of two articles published in the March/April 2021 Bedford & New Canaan Magazine. One of the articles, titled Positively Passive, is about a home built by BPC Green Builders and designed by the homeowners Elisabeth Post-Marner and Larry Marner, both architects. [...]

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What are High-Performance Homes?

High-Performance Homes, like high-performance cars, do everything a home or car would do but better. However, unlike non-EV high-performance cars, which are typically not energy-efficient, high-performance homes are energy-efficient, use near net-zero or net-zero energy, use less water, and yet they are more comfortable and healthier to live in than conventional homes. [...]

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Game-Changing Plastic Recycling Process Promoted by Sir David Attenborough

File This Post Under Good Very Good News Sir David Attenborough, wildlife filmmaker and environmental champion, recently appeared in a video supporting a new potentially game-changing plastic recycling technology that can recycle virtually any type of plastic. Sir Attenborough is no fan of plastic pollution. He’s said, “What’s so tragic about plastic pollution [...]

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