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Mike Offers Insights On Green Building

(originally published in The Home Monthly, December 2012) Imagine your future home. It has no central heating or cooling system but is incredibly comfortable, with no drafts or cold spots.  In fact, the temperature rarely changes by more than a degree or two from your desired setting year round.  A little wall-hung heat pump in [...]

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Tips for Making Homes Easier to Live in Longer

Here are some tips for making your home more accessible and safer if you plan on living in your home into retirement. It can also be useful if you are planning a home where your parents will live in or for making their home more accessible and safer. It's helpful to think ahead when [...]

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Ridgefield “Net-Zero” House Powered Fully by the Sun

Ridgefield “Net-Zero” House Powered Fully by the Sun NewsTimes, Feburary 23, 2017 This article about a home built by BPC Green Builders and designed by Trillium Architects starts: "After nearly a year in their new home, the Ranades haven’t had to pay a nickel for the energy needed to run it. That’s because all [...]

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Passive Housing Trend Gaining Momentum in Fairfield County

Passive Housing Trend Gaining Momentum in Fairfield County Westfair Online, October 2016 Energy-saving passive housing, something of a “bubbling under” trend to many, seems to be gathering momentum, including in Fairfield County where a pair of developers are rolling out the concept to both residential and commercial customers. (…) Read the full article on Westfair [...]

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How To Make Your Bathroom More Eco-Friendly

What do you think of when you hear “green home?” For most people, it’s energy efficiency. For others, it’s eco-friendly building materials. Unless you live in a severely drought-stressed area, water conservation is unlikely to be the first thing to come to mind. However, most people don’t realize how much energy is burned to [...]

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Modern Breed

Modern Breed Ridgefield Magazine, November/December 2015 This article is about a home BPC Green Builders built in Ridgefield, Connecticut begins: ““A HOUSE IS NOT JUST WHAT YOU WANT BUT WHAT THE SITE WANTS,” says architect Vincent Colangelo. That’s particularly true for the modern house he designed off Branchville Road. Finished in 2010, this stunning contemporary [...]

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Why Isn’t Every Home Built Green? (part 2)

In last month’s column (part 1 can be found at The Home Monthly), I made the case for the importance of energy efficiency and sustainability in the construction of new homes and renovation of existing. I promised that in my next column I would suggest options for learning and training, whether you are a [...]

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