The Green Building Pyramid

Green Building Pyramid The Green Building Pyramid lays out very clearly how to set up your priorities so that you can end up with a home that is truly energy efficient. Click on a link below to open a larger image in a separate window Low-resolution PDF (672KB) High-resolution PDF (3MB) The Green Building Pyramid [...]

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BPC Green Builders Publishes New Edition of its Online Glossary of Green Building Terms for Consumers

BPC Believes the New Edition to be the Most Comprehensive Green Building Term Glossary Online. BPC Green Builders is pleased to announce it has just posted online its newest and most comprehensive edition of Glossary of Green Building Terms to date. The new glossary contains over 300 terms and has 70 illustrations and photos. [...]

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Plastics: NPR Interactive – What’s Usually Recyclable & What’s Not

The typical American creates over 250 pounds of plastic waste each year! Not surprising, much of this waste starts out as packaging. What happens to all our plastic waste and how it is recycled or not is a problem. Even today and even if you have a recycling bin. Why? Because many people are [...]

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BPC Green Builders Featured in Special Coastal Issue as the “Expert Who Can Help – Going Green can Start at Home”

Connecticut’s Gold Coast Publisher, Moffly Media, features BPC Green Builders in “Ways To Live The Good Life in Fairfield County”. The 2019 inaugural list of 203 recognizes Fairfield County’s “Gold Coast Treasures” – the pros and places for family fun, cool outings, shopping, and specialty services. Highlighted as “one of [...]

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BPC’s Mike Trolle Selected as Green Building Expert for Panel Discussion on Healthy Homes: Green and Sustainable Solutions

The event was hosted by Gault Energy & Home Solutions in their Westport, Connecticut showroom.On June 26, 2019, BPC Green Builder’s co founder and principle, Mike Trolle, was one of 3 expert panelists at The Healthy Homes, Green and Sustainable Solutions presentation and discussion held at Gault Energy & Home Solutions in Westport, Connecticut.In addition to BPC’s Mike Trolle, [...]

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Why it’s time to start saying Climate Crisis instead of Climate Change

Photo of the Thomas Wildfire in California in 2017 Climate Change is what is happening. But what we have now is a Climate Crisis. Words matter and "Climate Change" does not communicate the critical importance or urgency of the situation we are in. The climate has changed enough that we are now [...]

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Green Homes: A Way to Fight Climate Change

We’re Close to the Tipping Point A recent article in Fine Homebuilding magazine that discusses climate change and home building starts with this challenge to the building industry: "Faced with consequences equivalent to a giant asteroid set to hit the earth in 10 to 50 years, we designers and builders owe it to the [...]

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CNN Article posted on Earth Day: We’re losing the war on climate change

As CNN's analysis by John D. Sutter from Monday, April 22, 2019, and titled "We're losing the war on climate change" leads off: "(CNN) For years now, people like environmentalist and journalist Bill McKibben have been screaming from the treetops that we need a World War II-scale mobilization to fight the scourge of climate change." [...]

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Home Indoor Air Quality, Indoor Air Pollution, Your Health, and Green Homes

  Your home’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the amount of indoor air pollutants within your home, which impacts the health and comfort of those living there. One of the advantages of homes built and certified as green homes, and which meet the US EPA Indoor airPLUS® certification standard, is that these homes [...]

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NOAA Spring Flood Outlook for US and BPC Service Area

According to the news release on the US Department of Commerce's NOAA website Spring Outlook: Historic, widespread flooding to continue through May  "Nearly two-thirds of the Lower 48 states face an elevated risk for flooding through May, with the potential for major or moderate flooding in 25 states, according to NOAA’s U.S. Spring Outlook [...]

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Your Home’s Thermal Envelope: Most Important Element for an Energy Efficient Home

"To Build it Right You Must Build it Tight" Michael Trolle, Principal and Cofounder of BPC Green Builders Your Home's "Building Envelope" is arguably the most important aspect of making a home energy efficient and comfortable. It is also a key element in making your home a healthy home. [...]

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Utility Scale Good Green News: Better Batteries and Increased Renewable Energy Can Save Consumers Money

Even Utilities are starting to go green and that’s good for everyone. According to a recent article in Green Building Advisor called Big Batteries, Not New Power Plants, since 2014 about 50% of new US utility scale electric generation capacity has been from renewable sources mostly from solar and wind power. And because of [...]

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