Healthier Indoor Air, Making Every Breath Fresh and Filtered

By Cheryl Crabb The Hartford Courant, August 11, 2002 After months of renovation, Stacy Prince expects to breathe a lot easier once she and her family move back into their Westport home later this month. From the outside, the Prince's saltbox colonial will blend in easily with other houses on their street. One key [...]

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BPC Home Featured on Fine Home Building Website

The Taft School Faculty Home built by BPC Green Builders in 2014 was recently the subject of a detailed article on Fine Home Building's website written by Kiley Jacques. The article starts off: Four years after its completion, the internationally recognized Taft House remains a leading-edge example of building science success. The team designing and [...]

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PBS Newshour Video: How Climate Change is Loading the Dice for More Perilous Hurricanes

As yet another large hurricane takes aim on the US, the part climate change is playing in intensifying our weather is back again in the news. This 6-minute 14-second video is a discussion between Amna Nawaz and Radley Horton of Columbia University on the link between 1) climate change, 2) rising sea levels and 3) rising [...]

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PBS Video: Decoding the Weather Machine

More and more destructive hurricanes. Some of the worst wildfires and droughts. Deadly heat waves and extreme rainfall. Something has changed with our weather today, and many scientists agree. As NOVA's description of this two-hour video states:  "It’s the result of the weather machine itself—our climate—changing, becoming hotter and more erratic." This NOVA documentary cuts [...]

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Former Governor Martin O’Malley on the Opportunities of Climate Change – Video

Climate Change Challenges are also Opportunities. Former Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley believes we can use climate change as an opportunity to move towards the goal of our nation and economy being fueled by 100% clean renewable energy. And he believes we already have the technology and expertise to achieve this goal. [...]

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Climate Change’s Best Hope Video

A friend of BPC Green Builders discovered this uplifting video on PBS about something everyone can easily do about climate change and sent us a link. This wonderful video is less than 2 minutes long and is well worth watching. It's called "Climate Change's Best Hope, The one thing Katherine Hayhoe wishes we did about climate change" [...]

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What Climate Change Will Cause

A Great Overview from the Washington Post About What to Expect An analysis article in the Washington Post by Philip Bump entitled "What Climate Change is Actually Expected to Do" explains not only what scientists generally agree on will happen but also how what will happen will make climate change even worse. The article [...]

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BPC Green Builders Wins WestPort’s First Green Building Residential Award

BPC Green Builders is proud to announce that we are the first winner of the town of Westport’s Green Task Force “Building Award for Achievement in Sustainable Design and Construction”. The award program is part of a larger program by Westport’s Building Dept. for recognizing projects in Westport that have made or are making [...]

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What is Passive Solar and How Does It Work?

Guest Author: Julie Scott With an increased focus on greener building and energy efficiency, the term “passive solar” is being used more and more. Not to be confused with solar panels, passive solar is the use of the natural environment in a way that optimizes the internal temperature of a home. Rather than relying [...]

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Tips for Making Your Pool More Eco-Friendly

Guest Author: Jennifer Dawson, Writer for: PoolCareGuy Some people may argue that there is no such thing as an eco-friendly pool. As pool maintenance often requires the use of harmful chemicals, which contribute greenhouse gases to the ecosystem, many believe pools cannot be made “green” at all. But this simply isn’t the case. There are [...]

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How Propane Homes can be Zero Energy Ready

  How Propane Homes can be Zero Energy Ready Build with Propane, News: By Hallie Busta    April 20, 2018 Chris Trolle was interviewed for an article in the Build with Propane website's news article section about a Zero Energy Ready Home and LEED Platinum project BPC built in New Fairfield, Connecticut in 2012. The home uses [...]

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BPC Clients Write E-book About Their BPC Net Zero Energy Home

Download it for free here BPC clients Karen and Cyril Cabral were so enthusiastic about their new Net Zero Energy Home by BPC that they wrote an e-book to share their experience and what they learned about high-performance energy-efficient homes during the process.  Most BPC clients find building their green home a learning experience. But [...]

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Why Right-Sizing Your HVAC System is Best for Comfort, Energy Efficiency and Extending the Life of Your System

  Guest Author: Michelle West It’s understandable why some people would think that the bigger the heating or cooling system, the more comfortable you and your family would be. After all, bigger HVAC units are more powerful, and therefore more capable of providing the best possible heating and cooling, right? There are also people [...]

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