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Google Maps Directions Going Green!

According to a recent article in Fast Company Google is in the process of changing the default directions it gives you from point A to point B to be the route most eco-friendly. “Instead of showing you the fastest route from point A to point B by default, it will show you the greenest [...]

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Passive House as a Route to Net Zero and Healthy Building

Case Study of a Stamford Home By Albert Jensen-Moulton, BPC Green Builders with Larry Marner, Marner Architecture  BPC has built several houses for clients who also happened to be architects. One of these clients, Larry Marner, recently had an opportunity to design a new home for his family. Above all, he wanted the house [...]

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Your Home’s Thermal Envelope: Most Important Element for an Energy Efficient Home

"To Build it Right You Must Build it Tight" Michael Trolle, Principal and Cofounder of BPC Green Builders Your Home's "Building Envelope" is arguably the most important aspect of making a home energy efficient and comfortable. It is also a key element in making your home a healthy home. [...]

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Utility Scale Good Green News: Better Batteries and Increased Renewable Energy Can Save Consumers Money

Even Utilities are starting to go green and that’s good for everyone. According to a recent article in Green Building Advisor called Big Batteries, Not New Power Plants, since 2014 about 50% of new US utility scale electric generation capacity has been from renewable sources mostly from solar and wind power. And because of [...]

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