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BPC Green Builders: Stamford’s Best Choice for Green Custom Homes

Design/Build — Custom Home Builder — Third Party Certified for Home Energy Efficiency,  Green Building and Sustainable Building

BPC Green Builders offers Stamford Connecticut area homeowners world-class custom homes and home renovations that are third party certified to meet or exceed some of the world’s highest home energy efficiency, green building and sustainable building standards.  These start with Energy Star and include LEED, Zero Energy Ready Home, and Passive House (Passivhaus) certifications.  BPC combines this award-winning experience in green custom home and sustainable home building with a flexible design/build approach and a special process to design, renovate and construct green custom homes that are beautiful, healthy, comfortable, extremely well-built and exceptionally energy efficient.


View Photos of green custom homes completed by BPC Green Builders, one of the few LEED Certified custom home builders in the Stamford area.

“We were seeking something beyond the aesthetic aspects of the work. We found in you, a contractor who also understands and delivers premium performance. Given the ever increasing costs of energy, we are very satisfied that we hired you. We now have a home that is extremely energy efficient, easier to maintain and pleasant to occupy.”

Kim, Stamford, Connecticut
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Satisfaction Guaranteed for Stamford Home Renovation/New Home Construction

For homes they have built and renovated, BPC Green Builders owners Mike and Chris Trolle have earned world-class third party verified certifications in green and sustainable building – including ENERGY STAR, LEED, Health House, Zero Energy Ready Home, and Passive House (Passivhaus) standards – and have built LEED Platinum-certified custom homes in the Stamford area. In terms of renovating existing homes, Mike and Chris conduct rigorous Home Energy Assessments designed to pinpoint the specific energy and performance upgrades needed for them to turn an ordinary Stamford home into an energy efficient green home. Building on this expertise and experience, BPC Green Builders is able to offer an unprecedented 2-year “total performance” warranty.

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